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Last week, I wrote this in my blog entry:

“The enemy is very hard at work to divide Jerusalem, which will one day be the City of Peace, the city from where the Prince of Peace will rule.  The enemy’s battle over Jerusalem is intense and intentional; the powers of darkness are working overtime to make Jerusalem a place of division and war. But let us not lose sight of this city’s heavenly calling, nor be discouraged by the darkness we see in it today.”

I had no idea how much this would come to light in just one week.  It started on June 12th,with the sudden disappearance of Eyal Yifrach (19), Gil-Ad Shaar (16), and Naftali Frankel (16). When it was confirmed that the boys were kidnapped, many people throughout Israel and the world prayed for their safe return, but on June 30th, our worst fears were confirmed when the bodies of three young boys were found buried in a field northwest of the city of Hebron.

We now know that not long after their abduction, one of the boys called the police, and as heard on the recording of the call, it was at that time that they were shot and their bodies were hidden.  After many days of intense searching, and many arrests of Hamas operatives throughout the region of Judea and Samaria, their bodies were found.  At the time of writing, the murderers are still at large, and Israel is doing everything they can to find them and bring them to justice.

The news spread very fast, and started an emotional outburst here in Jerusalem. During the evening of July 1st after the boys’ funeral, some Jewish extremists started violent demonstrations in Jerusalem, causing harm to both police forces and Arab residents in the area.

In the morning of July 2, 2014, the body of a young Arab teenager was found in the Jerusalem forest, and it is not yet confirmed that his death is an act of retaliation. As the news of this gruesome discovery quickly spread, the Arab people began to riot throughout East Jerusalem, causing injuries and a great deal of damage.

This cycle of madness grieves my heart, and it especially saddens me that some of my fellow countrymen would stoop to the same level of behavior, and respond in this way.   I can understand the pain, hurt, and the fatigue from this horrible situation; I understand the burning anger and the desire to revenge. However, as someone who was once there, but now has a complete different understanding and outlook of the situation, I am convinced more than ever that the only way for true peace is through a true change of heart, which only comes through faith in Yeshua, the promised Messiah.

However, even as followers of the Messiah, it is challenging to not allow our emotions to rule over us.  I gently remind us all that at the moment we said “yes” to God, we said “no” to ourselves, now abiding in Him, and acting in a way which honors Him.

Let us remember that our war is not against flesh and blood, and that in fact, we can make a change by loving and praying for our enemies, acting in a way that will glorify God, which I believe in the end, will be more effective than acts of violence.

Please join me in praying without ceasing; pray for the salvation of all people, pray for healing and deliverance, pray for God to glorify Himself despite this terribly difficult reality we face.  Lastly, please continue to also pray for Israel’s leadership, that they will rely on the LORD’s wisdom and not on the emotions of the flesh.

Shabbat Shalom,




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5 Comments on “Update from Jerusalem”

  1. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you.

    G_d has allowed this tragedy to happen and to what point I asked why? Everything that has recently happened has broken my heart and I am praying for shalom and wisdom for the Prime Minister, the Knesset and for the people of Israel. But what has happened in the Christian world during or since? Once again this unfortunate situation demonstrated another opportunity for Christians in America to demonstrate their love for Israel and the Jewish people. Which in my opinion we have all failed to do. What could we do? We could of used our Christian television networks to put out a prayer request for those precious teens and family members on both sides. We claim we care, we claim that we want to reach people for the Messiah but when an opportunity comes to shed tears and to help we turn and look the other way. Prayer changes things, Daystar, TBN and other huge ministries have to understand that they are somewhat responsible for setting an example and for getting the message out. If we as TRUE Christians stand with Yeshua and His people then we ought not to boast against the branches and begin to understand where our true nutrients (blessings) come from they come from being grafted into the olive tree. The fatness of the olive tree can never be experienced or received until we realize and respect our Jewish roots. Thank you for everything that you and your ministry is doing to help all people in Israel.

  2. Moran, I could not stop my mind from jumping to a very evil thought regarding the death of the young Palestinian. That is, it would not surprise me that this young man was “sacrificed” by the fanatics as a way to incite the Palistinisn masses into thinking it was Jewish perpetrators, and thus fill the streets with violence – and also deflect the world from the horrors of the deaths of the 3 young Israelis. I actually believe these barbarians would kill one of their young men in order to have the same effect that a ‘suicide bomber’ would have. I hate I had such a thought, but nothing surprises me anymore about the PLO and Hamas! We’ll continue to pray for deliverance for the Palstinisn peopl, but consider the brainwashing they receive from children on, I hold little hope. Only if God Himself personally intervenes will there be peace. Thanks for all you do.

  3. I am feeling the same way as John Martin expressed; confusion as to why the “Christian” media failed to bring this front and center when it first became news. We have a marine who is suffering in a Mexican jail and our government is not doing a thing for him either. I get disheartened to see how the “churches” in our nation have failed to understand who Israel is and that, but for Israel, we would have no part in Yahweh’s plan of salvation. What is wrong with people? Why does it seem seem like the elephant is in the room when you bring up Israel in a “Christian” church’s Bible study or in the modern day churches. It is hard not to get angry, as Moran says, because you want to shake these people out of their stupor and say; “Don’t you realize you are missing the blessings of the Torah, which Jesus taught from, incidentally, when he was here on earth, not from the King James Bible!” Okay, I am going to calm down now and remember what Yeshua said when he was crucified for MY sins: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not why they do.” Thank you Moran, for reminding us how we need to react, and I am praying for shalom for these families and for Israel and that the world will wake up before it is too late and know who their Messiah is, in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen

  4. Thank you for your update. I am lifting you, your family, and Israel up in prayer–and will continue. My heart and thoughts are with you all. May God protect you and give you peace.

  5. I would like to point out that the Christian news media I listen to definitely does report on everything that happens in Israel, and certainly understands that we are grafted in! CBN, The 700 Club, Perry Stone Ministries, John Hagee Ministries, are a few that understand and continually seek to bless Israel.

    I cannot speak of Daystar, TBN, and the like as I do not watch them, but if they do not support Israel, then do not support them with your viewing practices.

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