Israel is under attack! Hamas, the terrorist group ruling the Gaza Strip, fired a barrage of rockets into Israel on Monday. Numerous rockets hit towns surrounding Jerusalem; others were taken out by the Iron Dome … Read More

Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital

Thoughts on Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital On Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, a little after 8:00 PM Israel time, I sat in my living room, watching President Trump announce the United States of America’s official recognition … Read More

The UNoccupied Land – The Conclusion

As I am concluding this mini-series of the “UNoccupied Land”, I wanted to write some final thoughts. During the past 16 years, I have had the great privilege to lead “Hope for Israel”. One of … Read More

The UNoccupied Land (Part 3)

During the past week, I felt a heavy burden to write this blog entry as part of my mini series, “The UNoccupied Land”. I have a burden to speak strongly against the world’s influence that … Read More

The UNoccupied Land (Part 2)

I devoted my most recent blog entry, The UNoccupied Land!, to the fact that the world is once again blaming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for being the source of its problems. In their eyes, Israel is … Read More

The Future Generation

During the past years, I have witnessed something that grieves my heart immensely – the increasing use of children to commit acts of terror in the ongoing struggle in the Middle East. In past years, … Read More

Understanding the Core of the Conflict

In a recent meeting here in Israel consisting of about 86 people from the US and England, I was presented with the question of what, in my opinion, is the core of the current conflict. … Read More

A Call for God’s Followers

In my last blog, Current Events (Part 2), I wrote “We fear terror and that causes us not to walk on the streets and to “watch our backs”, but in reality more people are killed … Read More

Current Events (Part 2)

Last night (Tuesday, October 13th), during dinner with my family, I found myself in a challenging situation that many parents here in Israel have to face when my kids asked me “Abba, why do the … Read More