Standing on the Right Side of History – Purim 2024

By Sarah L., Staff Writer This year Purim seems an especially timely holiday celebrating Israel’s victory over the audacious and avaricious plots of its enemies. However, Purim’s relevance today is deeper than it seems. Thousands … Read More


Israel is under attack! Hamas, the terrorist group ruling the Gaza Strip, fired a barrage of rockets into Israel on Monday. Numerous rockets hit towns surrounding Jerusalem; others were taken out by the Iron Dome … Read More

Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital

Thoughts on Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital On Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, a little after 8:00 PM Israel time, I sat in my living room, watching President Trump announce the United States of America’s official recognition … Read More

The UNoccupied Land – The Conclusion

As I am concluding this mini-series of the “UNoccupied Land”, I wanted to write some final thoughts. During the past 16 years, I have had the great privilege to lead “Hope for Israel”. One of … Read More

The UNoccupied Land (Part 3)

During the past week, I felt a heavy burden to write this blog entry as part of my mini series, “The UNoccupied Land”. I have a burden to speak strongly against the world’s influence that … Read More

The UNoccupied Land (Part 2)

I devoted my most recent blog entry, The UNoccupied Land!, to the fact that the world is once again blaming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for being the source of its problems. In their eyes, Israel is … Read More

The Future Generation

During the past years, I have witnessed something that grieves my heart immensely – the increasing use of children to commit acts of terror in the ongoing struggle in the Middle East. In past years, … Read More

Understanding the Core of the Conflict

In a recent meeting here in Israel consisting of about 86 people from the US and England, I was presented with the question of what, in my opinion, is the core of the current conflict. … Read More

A Call for God’s Followers

In my last blog, Current Events (Part 2), I wrote “We fear terror and that causes us not to walk on the streets and to “watch our backs”, but in reality more people are killed … Read More