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As I am in this season of reflection, I wanted to share a few thoughts about the Holocaust, a horrible event that took place between the years of 1933 to 1945. On Sunday evening, April 27th, we in Israel will stop for 24 hours to remember… remember our families who were brutally and systematically murdered; remember the crimes which were done against our people in World War II, and also remember that, today, we have no other place to go but to the Land of Israel.  This is the Land of refuge for the Jewish people, which God Almighty has ordained.

It is not my intention to use this platform to present the Jewish people with the “poor me” mentality.  I want to encourage us to look at the reality of events which are taking place today all throughout the world, and take the steps necessary to stand for God, His plan, and the Truth of His Word.

There are some dangerous movements within the world-wide Body of Messiah that seek to delegitimize the modern state of Israel and the Jewish people.  There are also numerous false teachings and interpretations of Scripture that are leading many lovers of Yeshua astray, especially where Israel and the Jewish people are concerned.

Similar teachings in the Christian Church, dating back to Luther in 1543, were, sadly, what motivated Hitler and the Nazi regime (who by the way, referred to themselves as “Christians”).  These teachings were based in a frustration that the Jewish people as a whole refused to recognize Yeshua as the Messiah, and led to deep hatred and anti-Semitism, which in turn, led to genocide.

There are, however, some very encouraging movements in the Body of Messiah regarding Israel.  The Holy Spirit is moving to convict and challenge followers of Messiah all over the world regarding Israel and the Jewish people.  During the past year, I had the honor to get to know a ministry of dear brothers and sisters from Japan, which have been praying for Israel for many years. In fact, the founders of this ministry were praying for the gathering of the Jewish people back to the Land, which God promised our forefathers, decades before the rebirth of the modern state of Israel! I marvel that they prayed and interceded for the days in which we live today. How it blesses me to see people like this receive a revelation from the LORD, and act upon it to effect change in the world today.

The first challenge that I would like to give you today is to reflect upon your own heart and see if there are any roots of bitterness towards Israel and the Jewish people.  Secondly, I challenge you to search your heart for any false teachings that have taken root and may be affecting you today. Lastly, allow me to encourage you to make a choice on which side you stand – God’s or the World’s.

We live today in a reality that is starting to repeat itself: anti-Semitism is on the rise, hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people is quickly growing, as is denial of the Holocaust. It is imperative that we make our stand, not just with words but, like our dear friends from Japan and many other places throughout the world, that we actively pursue them.

As for the issue of anti-Semitism, I believe that God’s plan according to His Word is to gather His Children back to the Land of Israel. That is the primary reason my family and I choose to live in Israel. I also believe that God’s Will will be done; nothing will thwart His plan! With that being said, I believe that as The Great Day of the LORD approaches, we will see intense anti-Semitism rise, and will witness the return en-masse of the Jewish people to our homeland.  Will you be a vocal support for it, or against it?

Make your stand today …

Shabbat Shalom,


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8 Comments on “Take a Stand!”

    1. I”m a child of YHVH and I STAND for ISRAEL. I know Israel is the land of my ancestor, and I love my Jewish people even if them don’t accept me as one of them.

  1. We stand with Hope 4 Israel in this hour and we are also involved with March of Remembrance this Sunday….also asking HaShem to helps us to make Aliyah this year!!! Also we will not stay silent until He brings His children Home as we cry with Abba!!! Blessings Shalom
    Love & prayers
    Charles & Rose
    Fulton Missouri
    Psalm 122.

  2. Estou sempre atenta mesmo dentro da igreja às palavras que ouvimos, não sou fanática, mas peso as palavras e se vem de D-us o Espírito Santo testica em nós. Eu amo o povo judeu que considero minha família, é uma certeza muito grande dentro de mim de que vocês são meus amados irmãos.
    Sei que o mundo luta e odeia não somente ao povo judeu mas quando fazem isso fazem ao próprio D-us. Vocês são rejeitados pelo mundo porque o mundo rejeita o Altíssimo, mas tenho certeza que nada e ninguém tem o poder para frustar os Planos do meu amada Pai Adonai e Yeshua, tudo está debaixo de seu domínio, ninguém pode resisti-Lo.

    D-us abençoe vocês meu amados irmãos!

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