Erev Sukkot

Sukkot, the Feast of Booths/Tabernacles, begins tonight at sundown. Please pray for peaceful celebrations throughout the land, and for all who are celebrating in the diaspora. Please pray for protection over Israel’s police and soldiers … Read More

Terror in Be’er Sheva

Israel is reeling from a horrific terror attack earlier this week that left 4 innocent Israelis dead. A Bedouin man from southern Israel went on a stabbing spree in Be’er Sheva, killing two men and … Read More

Increased Violence in Samaria

There has been increased violence between Israeli Border Police and Palestinians in the Judea & Samaria region. Recently, a Palestinian gunman shot at Israeli police as they arrested a Palestinian in Jenin. The police were … Read More

Israel Opening Up

A major announcement came that, beginning March 1st, Israel will allow unvaccinated tourists into the country. This is a surprising turn in Israel’s COVID policy, especially as the country has virtually been closed to tourists … Read More

Major Winter Storm Headed to Israel

“Elpis” winter storm is headed towards Israel, and is expected to make landfall on Wednesday. The storm will most likely drop snow on Mt. Hermon, the Golan, and even Jerusalem. Heavy rains will fall in … Read More

Sudan Repeals Boycott Law

Sudan repealed its 1958 law that boycotted diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.The move is meant to pave the way for diplomatic relations with Israel. This is yet another predominantly Muslim country that is making … Read More

Extremist “Noam” Party Threat to Democracy

Israel’s far-right extremist party, Noam, wants to remove civil rights’ protection from Israel’s secular population. Leaders of the party announced it will demand a government headquarters be established to “prevent foreign anti-Israeli actors from infiltrating … Read More

Purim Celebrations

Israel celebrates the festival of Purim at sundown! This holiday celebrates the victory of the Jewish people in ancient Persia over Haman’s evil plot to destroy them. We are celebrating under the shadow of the … Read More

Israel Close to Second Lockdown

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein announced that Israel would be heading back into full lockdown, unless there is a “miracle”. The number of Coronavirus cases has risen to 1,800 per day, which is cause for serious … Read More

Operation Restoration — Summer 2018

Israeli Communities Under Attack Southern Israel has suffered the most serious escalation in attacks from Hamas terrorists in four years! In addition to the months of arson attacks from Gaza in the form of fire … Read More