Extremist “Noam” Party Threat to Democracy

Israel’s far-right extremist party, Noam, wants to remove civil rights’ protection from Israel’s secular population. Leaders of the party announced it will demand a government headquarters be established to “prevent foreign anti-Israeli actors from infiltrating Israel’s public systems and affecting people’s consciousness, change their values and hurt national morale.” This would include any group of people seen as offensive or threatening to Noam’s ultra-religious views, including Messianic Jews. The party also announced it will seek to repeal Resolution 2331 which grants protection for women in Israel. Please pray that such extremist parties will not gain traction in Israel, regardless of the kind of government formed. Please also pray for protection for Israel’s minority groups, including Jewish believers in Yeshua, as our rights could be at risk. Lastly, please pray for the Lord’s hand to be over the formation of the next government!

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