Snow Storm hits Israel and Mideast

Snow storm with heavy rains, winds, floods, and snow that started yesterday and will continue for the coming days across Israel. Already a young Israeli was killed in a car accident after skidding off the … Read More

Praise Report: Yosef Haddad

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Yosef Haddad. He was released today with a bill of good health from the hospital. Please keep him in your prayers as he rests and recovers … Read More

Pastor Haddad hospitalized

Our dear friend pastor Yosef Haddad was hospitalized today with heart complications. Please pray for him and his recovery. Pray that the doctors will be able to identify what the problem is and put him … Read More

Winter Storm Coming

This week a large winter storm is expected to hit Israel with strong winds, heavy rain and snow. Last year there was the largest snow storm to hit Israel in decades. It is unknown what … Read More

Prayer for Israel in 2015

In the Middle East and particularly in Israel so many changes can occur in one year. We have seen so many things happen in the year 2014 that were very significant in the life of … Read More

Revenge attacks

There have been several revenge attacks between Palestinian and religious jewish groups in the past few days. The “price tag” group, made of of extremist Jews, have attacked in Arab villages in revenge for attacks … Read More

Un vote on Palestinian resolution

Monday night, the Arab League endorsed a resolution that calls for a Palestinian State with east Jerusalem and the territories, as well as full withdraw of Israeli presence to the pre-1967 borders. It is unclear … Read More

Young girl attacked by firebomb

A father and daughter were driving in the area of Judea and Samaria when a Palestinian threw a fire bomb into the girls car window. The car lit on fire, the father was lightly wounded, … Read More

Safety in Travels

Please pray for our staff members and their families that are traveling back to Israel from overseas this weekend. Several are coming back around the same time. Please keep them in your prayers for protection … Read More

IDF soldier seriously wounded

This afternoon, a sniper from Gaza opened fire on IDF troops patrolling the border. The IDF fired back and ensued cross-border fire where one member of Hamas was killed and others injured, including a seriously … Read More