Shana Tova – Happy Jewish New Year

This evening in Israel begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. According to the Jewish calendar the world is 5,775 years old. This is a time for families to give thanks for the former year and to bless the year to come. In light of the tensions that came over the summer with the war in Gaza, many are unsure of what to expect for the coming year.It was uncovered during the war that there was supposed to be a large attack on Israeli towns near Gaza by way of the underground tunnels. Thank God the tunnels were discovered and destroyed.  It is a difficult time for Israelis and the Middle East as a whole. Please be praying for the safety of Israelis during this holiday season, that no attacks would be attempted and if planned that God would thwart the schemes of the enemy. Pray for provision for all of the families who are in need of basic necessities. Finally, please pray for a joyful holiday season full of laughter and blessings across the country.

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