Pray for safety during the holiday season

Hanukkah and Christmas are well underway for those who are celebrating in Israel. Please keep Israel in your prayers during this time, that God will keep a protective hand over the people. Pray that this … Read More

Abbas address to the UN

Today PA President Abbas will be addressing the UN as another appeal for statehood. He will put forth a resolution calls for Palestinian statehood and the full Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders within two … Read More

Two Australians killed

Please keep the families and loved ones of the two Australians who were killed in the hostage takeover Monday morning. Pray that God will comfort them in their time of mourning.

Moran and family’s travel

Moran is continuing on his speaking tour, his family will soon join him. Please pray for safe travels for all of them and that the Lord will continue to have His hand on all of … Read More

Death of PA minister causes riots

After a scuffle with the IDF, PA minister died of a heart attack. This has left many Palestinians angry and seeking revenge. There were isolated riots today in Hebron and other Arab neighborhoods. Please pray … Read More

Major Oil Spill in Southern Israel

A burst in the Trans-Israel oil pipeline happened on Wednesday night in the southern region of Israel. Over five million liters of crude oil spilled over 1,000 acres of land at a nearby nature reserve. … Read More