Relations between Israelis and Arabs

Since the escalation of protests and riots in Jerusalem, tensions between Israelis and Arabs are also escalating. Please pray that neighbors can still maintain good relationships on an individual level. Pray for an open heart … Read More

Battle over the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is a sacred site for both the Jewish and Muslim faiths. It is the site where the Jewish Temple once stood and is believed to stand once more in the future, but … Read More

Attempted Assassination of Rabbi

Last Wednesday, a Rabbi was shot by a drive-by motorcyclist after he was leaving a conference titled “Israel Returns to the Temple Mount.” The Rabbi who was shot is an activist for Jewish prayer on … Read More

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

It is more than ironic that things have heated up with riots and attacks in Jerusalem recently while at the same time Moran has been writing his blogs about the very Scripture, “Pray for the … Read More

Tragedy in Nepal

Yesterday, another body of an Israeli hiker was found in the Himalayas of Nepal after a large avalanche swept the mountain; the fourth Israeli among 40 total lives lost. Please keep the recovery of all … Read More

Rainstorm arrives in Israel

Yesterday most of Israel received rain – some cities were hit harder than others. There were damages and power outages due to high winds, but otherwise we are very grateful to God for this first … Read More

Pressing Issues for Israel

Now that the holiday season is over, Israeli’s are ready again to focus on pressing issues facing the country. To name a few topics on the table: defense challenges, negotiations with the Palestinians, Iran, ISIS, … Read More