Sand and Dust Storm in Israel

The Environmental Protection Ministry said that today’s huge sand and dust storm coming in from North Africa was the worst pollution Israel has seen in 5 years. How the weather can change quickly in Israel. … Read More

Anti-Semitism in Britain

Last week, the Community Security Trust – which advises Britain’s estimated 260,000 Jews on security – reported that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain had risen to a record level last year. It claims that … Read More

Netanyahu’s Speech to US Congress

There has been great headline coverage about PM Netanyahu’s acceptance to speak before the US Congress on March 3 during a special joint session. The hype surrounding this event is due to the fact that … Read More

Prayer for strength in times of trouble

Lately all the news coverage has been focused on the horrible acts committed in the Middle East, predominantly by ISIS and the events happening in Syria and Iraq. But the ramifications of this evil is … Read More

Major Bus Accident kills 8 people

Yesterday, a car, bus and tractor collide in a road accident in the Negev. Most of the passengers on the bus were bedouins on there way home from prayers in Jerusalem. Eight older women were … Read More

Tour Group Arriving

Today there is a tour group arriving to Israel today and we want to ask for prayers for safety and blessing during their time and travels in the Land. We ask that God would speak … Read More

Believers in the Land

We ask for your prayers for believers that live in Israel, that God would protect them in their daily lives and help each of them to grow in the likeness of Yeshua. Pray for the … Read More

Israeli Elections

After months of internal arguments within the Israeli government, Prime Minister Netanyahu called for the dissembling of the current government and early elections that will take place on March 17th. In less than two months … Read More