False Claims of the BDS Movement

  Hope for Israel has published a series of articles that outline the basis of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement by providing detailed information and evidence about their primary campaign platforms – academic … Read More

How Are We To Respond to BDS?

Invest – not Divest – in I-S-R-A-E-L In light of the disturbing reports we are seeing and hearing regarding the BDS campaign, our natural response is to ask ourselves, “How are we to respond?” This … Read More

A Movement to Boycott Israel

At Hope for Israel one of our main goals as a ministry is to provide a rightful understanding of Israel through a sound biblical view of God’s Word and its application in our lives. We … Read More

Will History Repeat Itself? By T. Michelle

This year on April 16, alongside Jewish communities worldwide, Israel is commemorating Yom HaZikron laShoah ve-laGvura (the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day). This is a day for the Jewish people to be reminded of the … Read More


The following is a reprint of an article from our Summer 2013 newsletter.  Considering the recent developments in the Middle East, and the renewal of “peace” talks by Secretary of State John Kerry, we thought … Read More