Seek things above!

This past Saturday, I had the privilege to give a message at the Arab Christian/Messianic Jewish annual meeting in California. The message was a simple message about the importance for us believers to spend more time seeking things above and less time focusing on earthly things. I hear a lot of messages of reconciliation and unity, messages that through Yeshua we are all one in the eyes of God. Yet, while we speak these messages we don’t often live them. We look at people according to their color of skin and their ethnic background first and the minute we do that, we already put up a fence between them and ourselves. As followers of Messiah, we need to recognize ourselves as children of God; as children of God, we need to look at each other as brothers and sisters. It can only happen when we put God first in our lives, when we acknowledge that we need each other as brothers and sisters.

During the past few years, I hear from the mouths of believers terms like, “You Christians…” or “You Messianic Jews…”. I believe and call on those who consider themselves followers of the Messiah to start acknowledging the fact that Yeshua broke the dividing wall that separated the Jewish people and the Gentile people and gave us a way to live at peace with each other and that we all belong to the same body of Messiah. We, His followers, have enough enemies; we need to acknowledge our need to stand in unity and support one another as one body as we stand together against the enemy of this world. Let us all start to look at each other as children of God and let us spend more time seeking things above and less time focusing on earthly things. (Colossians 3)

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3 Comments on “Seek things above!”

  1. this is true, however in reailty how can one unite( in a lot of cases) with anti torah, anti jewish thought

    1. Thank you for the comment, as you said “in a lot of cases” … No all are anti God and His Word and that is what we keep our eyes on, not background, color of skin but the Word of God in its fullness and its instruction to us as His followers.
      Hope that helps.

  2. I think we need to stop convincing other that we have and pray the true and only God, but live and let his love shine in whatever we think and do…so that other may know what and who inspires u.
    You can argue until u turn purple, you can never convince someone that his God, that his parent told him to pray and love …is the Wrong way but we could and should lead by example, so that our actions speak volume!!!

    For Andrea,
    Sometime things happen because God need u to change the direction u are trying to go to and lead u to a better place. U may not see it and ur writting confess that u have given up hope….all it mean is that ur barking on the wrong tree. Can’t find a job!! Let see what talent God has put in ur hand, can u start a home day care, can u cook special meal, can you sew,.stop trying to find jobs else where, see what are the need that u can provide in ur community..they may end up giving u more then that job.
    God never forget u,believe so that u can see rivers appearing in ur desert…

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