Protests Against Judicial Reform Intensify

Thursday, protesters against the judicial reform declared another “Day of Disruption” which this time centered around PM Netanyahu’s diplomatic visit to Italy with his wife, Sarah. Protesters blocked the entrances to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, leading police to hand out heavy fines. Several protesters were arrested in Jerusalem for barricading the entrance to the right-wing think tank Kohelet Forum with barbed wire and sandbags. Reports have also emerged that the IDF Chief of Staff suspended from duty a senior Air Force officer in an elite reserve unit for his activity in the protests, including encouraging colleagues not to report for reserve duty.

The “Day of Disruption” occurs as reports circulate of a coming compromise on the judicial reform bill. Portions of the proposal shared with the press show that if accepted, the compromise should alleviate many of the protesters’ concerns.

Please pray for a return of internal stability in Israel. Please pray for the acceptance of a compromise proposal by all. Lastly, please continue to pray for safety for law enforcement and protesters.

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