Judicial Breakthrough Likely Amid Security Escalation

Late Tuesday night a report was released that the coalition and opposition are on the verge of agreeing to negotiations over the judicial reform. A new compromise proposal, brought by several senior members of Israeli think tanks and universities, would still accomplish the goals of the original legislation, while implementing several key changes meant to anchor minority rights and independent judicial review. As late as yesterday morning no consensus had been reached, so this report marks a massive and encouraging turn-around.

In parallel, Israel once again experienced an escalation in Judea and Samaria, after an IDF operation killed 4 terrorists, including the operative responsible for the murders of two Israeli brothers last week. In response, a rocket was fired from Gaza at Israeli border communities (but landed inside Gaza), and a bomb detonated near IDF troops stationed on the Gaza border. The IDF remains on high alert both against rockets and terror attacks.

Please pray for a speedy resolution of the disagreement over judicial legislation. Please pray for a unified government which will restore calm to the nation. Lastly, please pray for peace and for protection over Israeli security forces stationed on the front lines.

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