Israeli “Day of Disruption”

Today, Wednesday, a “National Day of Disruption” has been declared by protesters against the Israeli judicial reform bill. Thousands have blocked major highways and thoroughfares, prevented trains from departing, and are planning to protest outside the homes of members of Knesset. Some of the members of the government are calling the protesters “anarchists” and the police response has been heavy; reports have surfaced of stun grenades being used in crowd control.

The protests occur as part of a continuing response to the government’s judicial reform bill, which among other measures, would give a Knesset simple majority the authority to overturn Supreme Court rulings.

The extreme disagreements, both between Israeli politicians and in the public, show a growing rift in the society which is far deadlier than the judicial reform, and which weakens Israel politically, socially and internationally.

Please pray for a miraculous return of calm and humility! Please pray for compromise! Lastly, please pray for the safety of both protesters and law enforcement today at the protests.

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