Thank You! — July 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, Thank you so much for your generous support of Hope for Israel. Your partnership means the world to us, especially in supporting our outreach to believing university students. This academic year has … Read More

Thank You! – June 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, I am very grateful for your partnership in supporting our outreach to Jerusalem’s believing youth! The past year has been one of the most challenging years for us as a country, a … Read More

Thank You! – May 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, This year, we celebrated the Passover holiday under the shadow of a challenging war that began seven months ago on October 7th, the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. Passover was … Read More

Thank You! – April 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, On October 7th, the State of Israel rose to one of the most difficult days in the country’s history. On this day, the State of Israel entered a state of emergency, and … Read More

Thank You! – March 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, This month we would like to offer a brief overview of the activities of our believing youth group, NerYah, since the beginning of the war over 5 months ago. NerYah’s activity was … Read More

Thank You! – February 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem! This month we were honored to host our active- and reserve-duty soldiers for a special meeting to discuss the specific challenges and traumas which they face as they defend the country – … Read More

Thank You! – January 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, After over three months of delays as a result of rocket attacks on major cities and the tens of thousands of students who reported for reserve duty, most of the universities and … Read More

Thank You! – December 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, During the recent holiday of Hannukah, a holiday of light, we were honored to offer support and encouragement to our active and reserve duty believing soldiers in the field as they continue … Read More

Thank You! – November 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, As war rages on Israel’s borders and the country mourns the 1,400 innocent civilians brutally murdered by Hamas on October 7th, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have evacuated their homes. Hope for … Read More

Thank You! — September 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, Looking back at Rosh HaShana, we want to take a moment to extend our thanks to you, for your generous support of Operation Hesed! Operation Hesed biannually makes a difference in the … Read More