Prayer after Monday’s attacks

Yesterday was a very difficult day in Israel as there were three separate accounts of attacks on Israelis. Three young Israelis died of stab wounds. The first attack was in Tel Aviv were a young Arab boy attacked an Israeli soldier just 20-years old. A few hours later, he died of his wounds. Yesterday afternoon only a few hours apart and in the same area of Gush Etzion, several innocent bystanders were attacked by a knife. A 14-year old girl died of her wounds in one incident and another young woman 26-years old also was killed in the following attack. It has been said that the past month in Israel there have been more deaths from terror attacks that the past two years combined. Hatred and violence is trying to steal innocent lives. Please pray that God would destroy the plans of the Enemy to steal and kill. Pray that justice will be found and these acts of terror will cease.

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