Israel Confronts Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) – “Operation Breaking Dawn”

By Mali Rozen August 2022 “Operation Breaking Dawn”, Israel’s latest military operation against Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip, lasted a mere 55 hours, but it was significant in that it slightly shifted the … Read More

Prayer Letter — August 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, The last month of summer vacation is upon us. Many Israelis are traveling, while others are vacationing at home with their families. Current tensions in the south along the Gaza Strip are … Read More

Update – Arab Congregation in Northern Israel

We recently received an update from Pastor Joseph Haddad who leads a community of Israeli Arab & Lebanese followers of Messiah in northern Israel. We have stood alongside Pastor Haddad and his wife, Ibtissam, for … Read More

Investing in the Future Generation of Israel

High school students from our NerYah youth group volunteered time from their summer break to assemble special care packages for our believing soldiers. Not only do these packages remind our soldiers that we care for … Read More

Thank You! — July 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem, Thank you for partnering with Hope for Israel! I am so grateful that you partnered with us as we serve minority communities in Israel.                   Israel is a country comprised of various … Read More

Prayer Letter — July 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, Summer is in the air! Students of all ages began summer vacation at the end of June. Unfortunately, the end of year was slightly interrupted by a teachers’ union strike, but at … Read More

Opinion: What’s New in Israel’s Political Circus?

By Mali Rozen June 2022 Israel is home to a rather unstable system of government. To say that the last few years of Israeli politics have been rocky is an understatement. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett … Read More

Thank You! — June 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem, I am so grateful that you partnered with us as we continue to serve the believing youth of Jerusalem. The school year is wrapping up, and so is our NerYah youth group. … Read More

Shavuot: Freedom & Fellowship

On Saturday, June 4th at sundown, we will celebrate Shavuot, also known as the “Feast of Weeks”. This holiday marks the conclusion of the seven weeks in which we count the Omer, as God instructed … Read More

Jerusalem Day: Celebration or Provocation?

By: Mali RozenMay 2022   Is Jerusalem Day a celebration or provocation? As with everything else concerning the modern State of Israel, it depends on who you ask. Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalyim) is an Israeli … Read More