Are You Awake?

“Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely there is a LORD is in this place, and I did not know it.”” Genesis 28:16

I devoted my most recent blog entry A Life-Changing Revelation! to Jacob’s most profound, amazing, and important revelation when he woke up from his dream: the revelation of God in that place. In the next few blog entries, I will write about this revelation from a few different approaches.

Many years ago, I was living in a dream. This dream caused me to doubt the existence of God. It caused me to focus on my daily reality and circumstances, bringing me much distress. This dream caused me to believe the lie that “you only live once” and then die, so I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

It wasn’t until the day that God woke me up from this dream that I realized there is something so much better; there is the reality of a living God! I realized – as did Jacob – that God is in this place and I did not know it. In fact, when I woke up from my “dream”, I realized that God was there from the beginning, that He was alongside me from the moment I was conceived, through my birth, my youth, my service in the IDF… God was always there.

What amazed me was that God was always with me, during my hardships and joyful times, through struggles and successes, losses and victories, He was always there! I was even more amazed by the fact that He loved me, accepted me, and had a plan for me when I was still asleep in my own selfish, rebellious dream. He was here, right here, beside me, waiting patiently for me to wake up to the realization that He exists!

I want to encourage you, reader, to ask God to show you that He is true; if what I write is really true, then trust me, you want to know it, just like Jacob knew it.

My desire for each person on this earth is to receive that same gift that I received – a gift that was paid for with a very heavy price, a gift of being “awake” and spending eternity with our Creator, our Eternal Father, Our Messiah, and Prince of Peace. In order to receive it, it is not enough to just know about Him, but rather one must know Him in a personal way.

So I ask again, “Are you awake?”

Shabbat Shalom,









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