Dear Prayer Partners,

Please pray for our dear friend, David Ortiz.  He is in ICU with a life-threatening complication from a recent surgery.  Here’s what his wife, Leah wrote:

Please continue to pray for David, he underwent a second emergency surgery this morning as they found out that one of the staples that closed up the colon where he had his first operation fell off,and what was in the big intestine,leaked into his stomach causing a very bad infection.  They had to clean out the stomach and close the colon properly, he is now in the ICU and is stable but heavily sedated and medicated.  The next  few days are critical.  Please pray there won’t be any further infection, abscesses or complications, please pray for a smooth recovery.  

Thank you, friends, for interceding on our dear brother’s behalf.  Please also pray for the Ortiz family as they go through this difficult trial.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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  1. We are praying for the Ortiz family. For David’s recovery and that they will continue to be God’s light in Ariel.

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