Understanding the Core of the Conflict

In a recent meeting here in Israel consisting of about 86 people from the US and England, I was presented with the question of what, in my opinion, is the core of the current conflict. I replied that it is spiritual, meaning that God has a plan for this Land called Israel and the people who live within it, and the enemy of God (Satan) will do whatever he can to destroy God’s plan.

As we are returning to my mini-series on God’s promises, we must understand that in order for us to grasp the reality of what is happening in the world, we need to be students of the Word of God. The Word is the Road Map for each of us in understanding the current events!

In one of my recent blog entries, Current Events (Part 2) , I briefly mentioned the prophetic blessing that was given to Rebecca by her brothers and mother, a blessing which I believe is connected to the times in which we live in today:

“And they blessed Rebekah and said to her, “ Our sister, you will become thousands of ten thousands, and your descendant inherit the gate of those who hate them.” Genesis 24:60

God is reaffirming here that the line of the Promise is to continue in a very specific order of His choosing – and His choosing alone – by repeating in a very similar way the promise that He gave to Abraham:

“… indeed I will greatly bless you, and I will greatly multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens, and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your seed shall inherit the gate of their enemies.” Genesis 22:17

However, it is not just the reminder and re-affirmation of that great Promise of the past; it is a promise of something great, which is to take place in the future. As we studied before, often times the biblical blessing came with a promise, which is what we see here. The promise here is that the seed, which would come from Abraham and later on the same seed, which will continue through Isaac and his wife Rebecca, will inherit the land of their enemies.

Coming back to the current situation, it makes sense that the intense, senseless hatred of Israel’s enemy against her is spiritual. This hatred is not based in a land grab; indeed, hatred of the Jewish people has been documented for hundreds of years, apart from any issues of land. An anti-Semitic, anti-Israel spirit has controlled the hearts and minds of Israel’s enemies for millennia! It is a burning, murderous hate that can only be explained by an evil spirit that has taken root in the very heart of Israel’s enemies.

My brothers and sisters, if the core of the current conflict (as well as past and future conflicts) is spiritual, then the only solution to the conflict is spiritual as well. There is NO political solution! Man will not be able to solve this conflict. The more we understand and accept that, the easier it will be for God to work through us, and to accomplish His plan of Salvation for the world.

Yeshua alone is Israel’s hope.

Shabbat Shalom,




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