The Power of Prayer!

The Power of Prayer!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Messiah Yeshua.” Phil 4:6-7

I am constantly amazed by what my children teach me.  A few weeks ago, during my visit to Phoenix with my 5 year old son, Oriah, a big storm began; loud thunder rocked the skies and flashy lighting touched the ground. It was intimidating and I could see my son was afraid.  As we got into the car, Oriah said, “Abba (“father” in Hebrew), I am scared. Can you please ask God to stop the storm?” I replied, “Oriah, why don’t you ask God to stop the storm?” “I don’t know how”, Oriah replied. Then I told him to ask God to stop the storm in the same way he asked me to ask God to do so. Oriah said, “God, can you please stop the storm and make the skies blue, in Yeshua’s name?” After he made sure I said “Amen”, he shouted, “Hey Abba! The storm stopped and the skies are blue!” Not even a minute went by for God to hear and answer the prayer of a 5-year-old child.  It was really a special moment for us! Then I explained to him that after God answers, we should thank Him for doing so, which he did right away.

A few weeks later, I was trying to fix a broken door.  After 10 minutes of frustration with this door that would not budge, Oriah turned to me and said, “Abba, don’t worry; it will be ok. I asked God to help you and He will.”  I must confess that while I thought it was sweet, I had my doubts (oh me of little faith). Sure enough, once again God heard the prayer of my son, and right after Oriah told me he prayed, the door opened.

God has given us, followers of the Messiah, a tool – a powerful tool, the most powerful tool that can move mountains, that can make a difference, change lives and any situation. Very often, though, because of one reason or another, we forget this, we don’t use it.  Prayer is our connection to the Almighty God!  He has given us a way to Him through His Son who intercedes on our behalf.  It is not a petty thing, but something that can change the course of history!

I sincerely hope that this short story of faith will encourage you to increase your prayer life and your trust in God.

Shabbat Shalom,


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5 Comments on “The Power of Prayer!”

  1. Moran, I love your story and I can just picture you and Oriah and the whole scene. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to learn about Israel last February so that we can try to understand all the forces at work there. I still pray for peace especially in Jerusalem but in all of Israel and at this special sensitive time especially so.

  2. So enjoy your newsletters. The story of you and your son is very heart warming. Shabbat Shalom from Alaska.

  3. Moran, I think of your family often in my prayers for Israel. Your precious wife and children. You are a model father. Your parents are beautiful people as well. Oriah was such a joy on the bus. As you related your story, I could see his face, his beaming eyes and wonderful smile.

  4. Dear brother Moran,

    As I read your devotional testimony, my heart is full of worship and praise to Yeshua. You are blessed, G_d’s blessings to you is double portion and as your faithful service for His glory thrive more through time, I believe you and every member of your family will go throughout the whole corners of the earth to show His Light and salvation. Your son is indeed showing signs of his future calling from Yeshua Maschiach. Amen, amen !

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