The “Big Trap”

The “Big Trap”

“What has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

On Sunday May 30, 2010 we went to bed knowing that the Israeli navy was waiting to intercept the flotilla of pro-Palestinian activist carrying humanitarian aid that was determined to, in their own words, “bust through the Israeli navy.”  Since 2007, Israel has a maritime embargo in place against Gaza so that Hamas cannot receive more weapons which it in turn uses against Israel.  While the flotilla was in route, Israel and Egypt made repeated offers to flotilla organizers to dock in Israel or Egypt, unload their cargo there, and accompany it themselves to Gaza land crossings.  They refused. Their refusal made clear their intentions were more about provoking Israel and flouting Israel’s sovereignty than delivering humanitarian aid.  In the early morning on May 31st, Israeli naval boats approached the flotilla, warned them to stop their present course and invited them to dock in Israel to deliver their aid to Gaza via the land crossings.  Watch the IDF making that call to the ships that night : Israel Navy Addresses Flotilla

The response they received, as you can hear on the clip, was, “Negative.  Negative.  Our destination is Gaza.”  Naval commandos boarded the boat, and this is what was waiting for them: Activists Mob Soldiers.  As you can see clearly in the footage, the soldiers were met by a mob wielding metal rods, knives, broken bottles, etc.  The soldiers didn’t land on the deck with their guns drawn.  They were actually holding paint ball guns which they thought they might need to disperse the crowd if it got unruly.  Drawing their live guns and firing is the only thing that kept these soldiers from being brutally lynched, which you can clearly see in the video.  At least nine “activists” were killed in the ensuing struggle.

And now the world is shocked and angry with Israel over the incident: the EU foreign policy chief called for a comprehensive enquiry into deaths aboard the aid ships seized by Israel’s Navy. The White House is also calling for an independent investigation. Spain, Sweden and Greece have summoned Israeli ambassadors to their capitals to demand explanations. The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan went as far as warning Israel: “Don’t test our patience.”

So it seems there is nothing new under the sun.  We have seen all of this before, sadly.  Israel is provoked and provoked and then taken to task for how it responds.  Israel did whatever it could to make this event peaceful, the Israeli soldiers were attacked, and, with their lives in danger, that they had to respond the way they did. With this latest wave in the sea of anti-Israel propaganda, it seems we move steadily toward the end days when all the nations will gather against Israel.

I must say that this time around Israelis are very frustrated and angry over the way our enemies keep manipulating the media coverage while Israel gets condemned again in the court of world public opinion.  I, too found myself angry at times, but more than anything, I feel great sadness over these things:

1. The Blindness of the nations: the nations are falling into Satan’s trap, and one by one they are gathering against Israel. The great sadness I feel in my heart over these nations is because it is the God of Israel and His Word they are opposing, and they will have to face His ultimate judgment. Please pray that Israel’s enemies will have their eyes opened to see God and repent.

2. The Body of Messiah around the World: more often than not, when Israel is unjustly accused, most of the Body in the West remains silent because “the Israel/Palestinian issue is too politically charged, too contentious.” Watching the news, we see no end to anti-Israel demonstrations, rallies, and marches. Please pray that believers who have the revelation of God’s plan for Israel would stand up for Israel when the world unjustly turns against her.

3. Those who call themselves Followers of the Messiah who don’t see Israel today as the fulfillment of God’s Word: one such man just wrote to me, “Moran, why would I want to come back to Israel when God said He will wipe Israel off the face of the earth because they do not believe Jesus is God. You better hope your name is in the book of life.” Please pray the Lord will open their eyes to see the TRUTH of His Word regarding Israel and fill their hearts with compassion and love for all people, including the Jewish people.

4. The blindness of my people, the Jewish People: with the signs all around us, they continue to look for their earthly king rather than to the Heavenly King. Please pray that God will remove the veil from the eyes of the Children of Israel and that more of us will come to acknowledge Yeshua as our Messiah.

5. The Body of Messiah in Israel: the Body here is still quite divided.  Please pray for unity among the Body in Israel so that we can stand in our calling together to bring the Word of the Lord, the Messiah of Israel, to the people of Israel.

May He who makes peace in the Heavens make peace upon us and all of Israel.


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6 Comments on “The “Big Trap””

  1. personally,though i am not a jew,believe whole-heartedly that Israel is right because they are gods chosen people,and i do not fear politics,or anything else in speaking out in this manner on this matter.the church of gentiles nowadays seems to cower to opinion and influence of the powers and principalities of this world.that is why i walk outside them.i grew up a pentecostal,and found the doctrine to be watered down,and more full of opinion than gods word.there has been too much compromise for the ways of this world,and not enough of standing as a people who follow yeshua without fear.
    you are not alone in the grief about runs rampant because man chooses ignorance and rebellion over a humbled walk following yeshuas is a real epidemic that has spread too far

  2. Moran, that is why satan can use people like you God died for the whole world not land that he
    created and when the second coming of God he will wipe off the face of the earth all nations that dont
    belive that God sent his Son to earth to die for the world. and when God talk’s about Israel he is
    talking about Jacob not the nation Israel, God change Jacob name to Israel, gen.-32-28- your name will
    no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and men and have overcome.
    So God’s said you have mock him again and God had me send you the email on may 31, so you better
    hope your name is in the book of life, because God can not lie the promise was made to Jacob’s seed
    12 son’s and one daughter, and all nations would be bless through Abraham (Seed) not seed’s. you
    need to know God’s word.
    Delphine Reynolds

  3. I too find unbelievable the blindness of the world’s politicians and media. The hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious that anyone biblically literate can recognise the thinly-veiled agenda behind the scenes. Where is the outcry over the whole boatload of South Koreans who were murdered when their ship was torpedoed by the North Korean navy? Where is the outcry over the enormous amount of aid money sent to the Gaza strip which is used for war instead of helping the people? Where is the biblical understanding of those who claim to be followers of Christ that the Jews are God’s beloved people and He is coming to deliver them?
    Sadly, those who claim to be the enlightened ones are themselves walking in so much darkness. May those who call on His name heed the warning of Rev 18:4, “come out of her My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues”

  4. Interesting the Turks seem to be sponsoring these ships…less than 100 years ago, the Turks proved who they were…when they slaughtered more than 1 Million Armenians. I wonder if they smell Jewish blood now. How sad it is that the world is so taken with the perception of Israel’s guilt without acknowledging the full story.

    To those who do not believe the Jews are G-d’s chosen…Please read Genesis 12:3. The Lord is not finished with us yet.
    Christians: Please stand up and support. Do not sit idly and watch this.

  5. Moran, beautifully put as always. I appreciate your wisdom and look forward to talking to you when you get to the states. Take care of your beautiful family as I know you do, and know that you provide a much needed voice to the Body of Christ through the understanding of His word and the passion in your heart.

  6. Shalom Robb,
    There are many true Christians who “stand up and support “G-d’s chosen”, not because they want to be Blessed for Blessing the Jews, but because The Father has freely given them His Holy Spirit of The Absolute Truth. And He has also poured The Love of G-d into our hearts to Love The Father ,The Son, And The Chosen Jewish Nation … To Love G-d with all our heart, soul strength, and mind …
    And to Love our neighbor as ourself … Who is our neighbor? every living soul in this world … Hallelu … YAH! …………I Thank G-d That He First Loved Me! To enable me to care for others …
    And I Thank G-d For Your Precious Heart That He Has Graciously Given You, With Wisdom.

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