Teen Gunned Down in Arab Village

Violent crime rates are rising in Arab villages in Israel. Yesterday, a teen was gunned down in the Arab town, Jaljulya. Israelis of all backgrounds are frustrated by the police’s alleged failure to prevent rising crime in the Arab sector. While many blame the violence on organized crime, city council head Darwish Rabi likened it to a “civil war”. He further stated, “There are shootings almost two to three times a week. You just hear about who is killed, but you don’t know what goes on. Every tension among the youth ends in gunfire.” While it is a complex situation, many Israelis are calling for decisive intervention. Please pray for Israel’s Arab population, which is experiencing dangerous violence from within. Please also pray for wisdom for Israel’s governing officials and that they will address this serious problem immediately. Lastly, please pray for the Lord’s peace to reign in the hearts of all Israelis, regardless of ethnicity.

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