“Surely goodness and grace pursue me all the days of my life” Psalm 23:6a – Part 2

No doubt David experienced hardship and challenges throughout his life.  As a young boy, he faced rejection from his brothers; after his great victory in the famous battle against Goliath, not only was he rejected by King Saul, but he also had to flee for his life.  Those are just two examples amongst many of David’s challenges.  However, in spite of it all, David acknowledged that only goodness and grace would pursue him all the days of his life.

I chose to use the word “grace” in spite of the fact that most translations write the phrase as, “Surely goodness and loving kindness …” However, the actual word in Hebrew, “וָחֶ֣סֶד”, (VaChesed) which literally means “and grace”.

Due to David’s personal relationship with God, David knew that not only goodness will follow him or pursue him, but also grace.  Goodness and Grace are two words that follow each other in Hebrew and have a direct connection. It is because of the goodness or love of the Lord that he has given us His grace. The meaning of the word grace is to give goodness in return for something that we don’t deserve.

The biggest act of grace for anyone was given to us by God Himself as a sacrifice for our sins against Him. It is the gracious gift of life, i.e. everlasting life with the Father that was given to us through the death of His Son.

Anyone who puts his faith in Him, will also be able to know that only goodness and grace will pursue him all the days of his life. It is only because of God’s grace for us that we can look forward to the future, and not only the earthly one, but more importantly the eternal, heavenly one.

Have you ever accepted God’s gift of grace that was given to each one of us?  This precious gift is there for the taking and it is for each person to accept.

Shabbat Shalom,





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