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This past week, I was driving in the car with my family. As we were driving, my daughter started to fear that we would run out of gas and panicked a little. I asked her if she knew where the gas gauge is on the control panel, and she replied, “No.” I then asked if she could see the control panel from the back seat, which she could partially see, but she didn’t know which gauge was for what. It was at that point that I asked a question, “Do you think you can trust your Ema (mom) and Abba (dad) to know what we are doing?” It was at that moment that I heard the Holy Spirit asking me, “Can you trust that your God knows what He is doing?”

This week we all woke up to a new reality regarding Iran. It’s a reality that the Israeli Prime Minister described as, “The World Today is a much more dangerous place than it was yesterday”, in response to the recent nuclear agreement with Iran, which will give Iran the capability to build a nuclear bomb. There is no doubt that this is a foolish agreement, and that this will only strengthen global terror not only in the Middle East (as some may think), but throughout the Western World as well. I even foresee a future reality through which this agreement will blow up in the face of the very nations that bowed down to this foolishness when Iran will use it against them.

However, my brothers and sisters, this should not be a surprise from a worldly point of view; Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, is very different than the one who came before him, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The major difference is that Ahmadinejad actually said what he was thinking and publicly supported terror, versus Rouhani whom I describe as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has the same agenda as Ahmadinejad who preceded him, but appears more “reasonable” to the Western world since he wears a diplomatic suit.

Let me remind my readers that from a Biblical point of view, there are events that must take place on God’s timeline! While I stand against them, I also understand that as I read the word of God, these events foretold by the biblical prophets are unfolding before our eyes. It should not be a surprise that the world will make decisions that will risk Israel’s existence, such as the most recent deal. The world will allow things to happen against Israel, and when Israel will try to protect itself, the world will turn against her even more.

But my brothers and sisters, those of the same faith in Messiah, let me remind us of the same question that the Holy Spirit asked me: “Can you trust that your God knows what He is doing?”

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Creator of the universe was, is, and will always be in control over everything that is happening. He will allow certain things to happen in order for His Word and unchanged plan to come true.

Just like my daughter who could only see part of the control panel, and could not understand what it meant, we too cannot fully comprehend God’s plan! Let us not panic, but instead put our trust in the only One who can give and take life and who is in control over all the events happening in the world.

In closing, dear reader, I write this with a humbled and very concerned heart: make sure that you are taking the correct side – God’s side. The world may gather against Jerusalem, the world may be able to bring some fear into Jerusalem, but it will all be in order for the inhabitants of Jerusalem to turn to God, to seek God and to repent before God. He will be Israel’s only Defender; He alone will fight against and judge the world, and when this happens, it will be scarier than anything anyone has ever seen!

“Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. ” Zechariah 14:3

May we all put our trust in Him; He has already won the battle!

Shabbat Shalom,










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2 Comments on “Putting Things In God’s Perspective…”

  1. Amen. So thankful for your teaching that also gives comfort. So thankful I can pray and take hold of God.

  2. As I prayed yesterday about all this, and not knowing what would be coming next, I was reminded of Prov 3: 5 – 6. Which fits in with your teaching above. Thank you. God bless you.

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