Prayers from Believing Nurses


  • For a stop to the theft of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer in healthcare institutions.
  • For the supplies mentioned above to be provided for the working staff. We have gotten requests from frontline workers asking to pray that they will get the essential protection in order to work safely.
  • For a change in the attitude of the workers especially managers. That a spirit of support and genuine concern for each other and “coming together” will come in the healthcare fields. A very strong spirit of competition is over the healthcare fields and is very evident at this time. (In a time of war, soldiers who are going to the war front come together, care for each other. This is not a characteristic of the healthcare fields at war!)
  • For strength: Doctors, nurses, orderlies, and cleaners are exhausted. They are running often without food, drinks, or even having the time to use the restrooms or sit down during a shift. The cleaning teams are under a heavy workload at this time.
    For wisdom: Head nurses have to cope with special requests from the staff because of children at home. Planning work schedules is a nightmare right now, especially when some doctors or nurses are infected and have to be in quarantine for 14 days!
  • For safety: Nurses and doctors on the frontline of Kupat Holim Clinics, ER and ICU units are working under the fear of getting infected by their patients or their colleagues, some of whom were or still are in isolation. (One of them had to be hospitalized).
  • For Students who have studied in Israel will be able to take their National Registration exam on April 6th. BUT our brothers and sisters who have studied outside of Israel will not be allowed to take the test at this time. They will be called in at a later date, which means that they will enter the fields at a date that is still unknown.

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