Parashat Tetzaveh (and you shall command) Ex.27:20-30:10

Parashat Tetzaveh (and you shall command) Ex.27:20-30:10
Shabbat Zacor Maftir: Deuteronomy 25:17-19
Haftarah: 1 Samuel 15:1-34

This week’s Torah portion teaches on the garments of the priests. Most of the time one does not think much these garments; however, the amount time which the Torah spends in describing these garments reveals that they are very significant.  In this short article we will focus on the robe. HaShem commands Moses that the robe must be made of only T’chelet. This is the same material used to dye one of the cords on the fringes (tzitzit) [see Numbers 15:37-41]. Sometimes this word is translated blue or turquoise. Most understand this color as relating to the heavens.
Why should the robe be of this important color? If one studies the garments carefully the robe actually is a buffer between the tunic and breeches which are worn next to the body (under the robe) and the ephod and breastplate which are worn over the robe. This is what heaven is, a buffer between G-d and His celestial Temple and the earth. It has already been mentioned that this robe is of the same color that one of the one of the cords of the tzitzit. Because the tzitzit is related to the commandments, one is to learn that although we are separated from G-d in location, when the believer obeys His word and does a mitzvah (a Biblical commandment) we are bringing the anointing of Living G-d into a given situation.
In other words, when a follower of Yeshua is in a situation and responds to that situation in obedience to the word of G-d, the presence of G-d enters into that place and circumstances in a unique way. This is really what the believer and only the believer can do. Through our faithful response to the word of G-d we can bring the L-rd’s power and presence into the events of our lives so that His will be accomplished. This is what spiritual warfare is really about. When one studies the life of Moses, we see that he was constantly turning to G-d and asking what to do and through his obedience to what the L-rd commanded, G-d entered into the situation and circumstances of the Children of Israel and blessed His people.
Spiritual maturity is when one knows the word of G-d to the extent that he is able to discern the L-rd’s will in a given situation and put into practice the Biblical admonition so that G-d will be glorified and His presence will be experienced.
Shabbat Shalom

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