Parashat Mikeitz (from the end)

Parashat Mikeitz (from the end) Genesis 41:1-44:17
Special reading from the Prophets for Chanukah Zechariah 2:14-4:7

Most years the Torah reading Mikeitz coincides with Chanukah. From this fact one learns an important truth. Whereas the victory of the Jewish people over the Greeks brought about a new government in Israel, so too in this week’s reading one sees a change in the leadership of the government in Egypt. Although Pharaoh is still the king it is clear that Joseph is making all the decisions in the government.

Joseph is a typology for the Messiah. Hence Messiah will rule not in the place of Pharaoh, but in the place of G-d the Father. Joseph brought great blessing to Egypt and so too will the Messiah bring great blessing to Israel and to the world. Joseph rose to power for two reasons. One is that he knew the Living G-d in a personal way and second he possessed the wisdom of G-d. These truths are witnessed to in the Scripture by the fact that the text says,

“The L-rd was with Joseph and placed upon him kindness and He (HaShem) gave to him His grace…” Genesis 39:21


“…do not the interpretations (of dreams) belong to G-d, tell them to me, please.” Genesis 40:8

Hence Messiah’s rule will bring the very presence of G-d and His wisdom into the world.

In Parashat Mikeitz one also sees that economic boom was followed by an economic crash. Only Joseph, who was close to G-d and endowed with His wisdom, was able to manage Pharaoh’s affairs in such a way that Pharaoh actually grew in wisdom and stature because of the seven years of famine. Even though Joseph, a representative of the Jewish people, brought great blessing to Pharaoh’s family, later on it was a Pharaoh who strove to destroy the Jewish people. So will it also be in the last days.

The Prophets make it clear that there will be an economic crisis throughout the world that will cause a new world administration to rise up and from this government the false messiah will take control and solve the economic problems and bring peace to the world. But watch out! His solutions are only temporary and in conflict with the truth of Scripture.

People are wondering today if the “global crisis” that we are entering now is the economic crisis that the Bible speaks of.  I do not think so. I believe that the current situation should get our attention. One should see how quick things can change. But I believe that what we are going through now is only preparing things for a much worse economic crisis.

We need to always remember the words of our Messiah Who said,

“You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. PAY ATTENTION and do not be afraid, for these things need to be…” Matthew 24:6

Messiah is calling us to the same trust and obedience that the Maccabees had in the One and Only G-d who gave His people victory.

This Chanukah, remember not only a former victory, but also the future victory that we will enjoy over the enemies of G-d.

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