Parashat Lekh L’kha

Parashat Lekh L’kha

Genesis 17:4 “I behold My Covenant with you and you shall become a father to many nations.”

Abraham was known as a man of faith.  Faith is based upon not one’s hopes, dreams, desires; but rather the Word of G-d.  To each person there is a calling on his life.  However, this call will never be known unless one connects with G-d.  Knowing G-d is where life and purpose begins.  When G-d revealed Himself to Abraham, Abraham was wise enough to respond.  Abraham desired to know G-d and entered into a relationship with Him.  It is important that people realize that the only relationship that one can enter into with G-d is covenant-based.  The foundation of the covenant is G-d’s grace.  In the book of Romans, Paul speaks concerning Abraham and says, “Behold, the wages of a worker are not considered to be grace, but rather something that he has a right to.”  (Romans 4:4).  This is not the situation with mankind.  We cannot earn the right to enter into a covenant relationship with G-d; rather, it is by means of G-d’s grace.

It is the responsibility of every believer not just to be a student of G-d’s grace, but to share and to help others learn this grace.  Grace is very powerful.  Paul, in his epistle to Titus, says, “Behold, the grace of G-d which saves has appeared to all men, and teaches us to distinguish between evil and the desires of this world in order that we might live in this world modestly, righteously and in kindness.”  (Titus 2:11-12).  Learning grace causes each person to become a new creation.  In the primary passage of this devotional, there are 4 Hebrew words that stand out.  These are “I”, “behold”, “My covenant”, and “with you.”  These four Hebrew words (four phrases in English) reveal an important truth.  “I” (the Living G-d) “behold” (pay attention to this) desire that “you” enter into “My covenant.”  Abraham was moved to obey G-d, not just so that he could have a personal relationship with G-d, but that others also could know Him.  This fact is made evident in that G-d changed Abram’s name to Abraham.  Genesis 17:5 tells us the significance of Abraham’s name is that it means the “father of many nations”.

The spirit of the outreach is demonstrated by Abraham.  Genesis 12:1 tells the reader that Abram was willing to leave his country, his heritage, his family and move to a new land.  In others words, G-d caused him to leave everything that would give him security and stability in his life and rely upon G-d’s sustenance.  What was Abraham’s motivation for doing so?  He loved people.  Messiah Yeshua taught that it is impossible to say that you love G-d and not your neighbor.  Therefore, it was Abraham’s commitment to G-d which gave him the supernatural ability to love others.  This love was manifested in his willingness to serve.

There is no question that one of the outcomes of redemption is change.  In fact, G-d constantly brings changes into the life of His people.  One of the great problems of most individuals is that we get comfortable with where we are.  Recently, a friend of mine gave me a navigation system.  It used to be that when I drove down the road, even though I was going in the wrong direction, I was content because I did not know that I was lost.  But now, when I steer off course, immediately the voice sounds to tell me I am off route.  If one turns to G-d frequently, and listens to Him carefully, the Holy Spirit will also reveal to us when we are off course.  Sometimes G-d gives us a new destination.  When was the last time you asked G-d if you are where He wants you to be?  Sometimes we fail to do this because we are comfortable with where we are.  I had an old pair of pants that are extremely comfortable, but my wife keeps telling me I look awful in them.  Sometimes we are physically comfortable but spiritually we look shabby.

Why not turn today to the G-d of Abraham and ask Him about how He wants you to serve Him.  He may show you a part of the world that He is calling you to.  Abraham’s life wasn’t always easy, but he sensed G-d as he loved others and served them.  Shabbat Shalom!

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