Parashat Korach


Parashat Korach

In this week’s Torah portion we find the verse, “Separate yourselves from amid the congregation, and I will destroy them in a moment.” Numbers 16:21 ”

The Bible says that G-d is slow to anger, but eventually His judgment does come. It is important that you and I do not casually associate with those individuals that behave in a manner that brings G-d’s wrath. Moses and Aaron were the leaders of the Children of Israel and had to set the example of whom it was permissible to be around. Due to the rebellion of a few there ran the risk that the whole camp could be contaminated. When G-d instructed Moses and Aaron to move away from Korach’s congregation it was a message to all of Israel to choose whom they would follow.

Throughout one’s life we will be put in situations where we will have to decide in what direction we will go. Be assured that there are serious consequences to the direction we take. With G-d there is guilt by association! Therefore you and I need to prayerfully consider who we are associating with and what type of influence these people have in our life spiritually? It is much easier for others to bring us down than we to lift others up. If Moses and Aaron did not move away from Korach and his 250 followers their rebellious spirit could have gone throughout the entire assembly of the Children of Israel. Therefore when we make a stand not to walk in the ways of the world and those who rebel against G-dly principles we send a strong message to others to give serious thoughts to their behavior.

People are watching you. If they see you do things and associate with things that are against G-d, they will use your improper behavior to justify their sinful actions. It is important that G-d’s people send a strong message that we are called to live a life based upon the principles of the kingdom of G-d and not what is normal behavior for this world. If we fail to do this, then we can play a role in others encountering the judgment of G-d.

Separate yourself quickly from those ungodly influences, because the wrath of G-d will come upon this world.

Shabbat Shalom.

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