Parashat Eikev


Parashat Eikev

There are two types of miracles, the ones we see with our eyes and the ones that G-d does, but are unknown to us. In this week’s Torah portion there is the familiar verse about G-d’s supernatural provision for the Children of Israel during the forty years in the wilderness,

“Your garment did not wear out upon you and your feet did not swell, these forty years.” Deuteronomy 8:4

Why are these two things mentioned? The garment refers to Israel’s possessions which lasted the entire forty years. Some authorities even say that the garment of a child grew as the child grew. The word that is used that I translated “did not wear out” means that there were no signs of the effects of time or use upon Israel’s possessions. The phrase about the feet not swelling also refers to the fact that despite all the walking that the Children of Israel did during the forty years, there were no physical effects upon their bodies. These two miracles hint to what it will be like in the Kingdom of G-d. Time and use will have no effect. Such an experience is totally foreign to us.

Why did G-d give the people such an experience? The answer is found in the previous verse,

“…in order to make you know that not by bread alone will man live, but upon all that comes forth from the mouth of the L-rd, he shall live.” Deut. 8:3b

The relationship between these two verses teach that today you and I can see and experience G-d’s supernatural provision when we apply His word to our life daily as one eats daily. People who miss a meal usually are not happy about it and their bodies begin to show the effects of a lack of food. When you fail to study G-d’s word daily does your spirit begin to show the effects of the lack of the word of G-d? We need to be consistent about having a daily time for Bible study. It is only through the knowledge of G-d’s word that one can live in a manner that will begin to reflect the Kingdom of G-d. This is exactly what we are called to do.

Early believers stood out and their numbers grew, not just because of a sharing of one’s faith, but because people saw their behavior and how G-d was moving in their lives. We need to learn that it is when we act in faithfulness living out what G-d has commanded us to do that G-d’s supernatural activity is much more likely to occur. The Children of Israel experienced this supernatural activity often in the things we assume are natural occurrences (see Deut. 8:6-10).

When was the last time you experienced a miracle from G-d?

Shabbat Shalom

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