Parashat B’reishit (In the beginning) Genesis 1:1-6:8


Parashat B’reishit (In the beginning) Genesis 1:1-6:8

Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5-43:10

The Scripture should impact one’s views on every aspect of life. The separation of religion from the government is often times misunderstood. The intent is that the government cannot support one religion over that of another, but must provide equal protection of all religions that do not infringe upon the rights of other individuals. Those who understand the constitution will point out that although the government must limit its relationship with religious entities; this is only in one direction. In other words, whereas the government involvement is limited, people of faith are free to be involved in the political process.

One area where believers have not spoken out nearly enough is in regard to abortion. The act of abortion is an attack on the image of G-d. It is also a violation of the prohibition against shedding innocent blood; for by the time a woman knows she is pregnant, the baby which is inside of her has his own blood.

In this week’s parashah one reads that when Cain killed Abel that,

“…The voice of your brother’s blood cries unto Me (HaShem) from the ground.” Genesis 4:10

It is important to remember that because G-d is Holy, He must respond to this sin of Cain, therefore HaShem responded to this iniquity. The rabbis teach a very important principle which states that the longer the punishment delays the more severe the punishment will be. The delay is obvious for the purpose of repentance, but when one does not repent the judgment will be harsher.

Just think about the nearly 50 million babies who have be brutally killed since abortion was legalized by Roe vs. Wade. Does not the blood of these children cry out like the blood of Abel? Most certainly and believers have not done very much to stop this horrendous sin that takes place several thousand times a day (approximately 3,700 ).

Judgment will come from heaven and it will manifest itself in a variety of ways.

As we begin reading the Torah in this new year of 5772, why not think how you can be salt and light in regard to this issue.

Shabbat Shalom

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8 Comments on “Parashat B’reishit (In the beginning) Genesis 1:1-6:8”

  1. Shalom Rabbi Baruch,

    When the Rabbi’s speak of punishment and delays aren’t they referring to like a purgatory until the punishment is completed to be set free?
    With women who have had abortions, if they had truly repented and chose to follow Y’shua, where would this leave them? What is your thoughts on this?

    If someone comes across my path as these, I will surely speak the Word to help them.
    Blessings to you,

  2. an addition to the first inquiry:

    I certainly agree that these things should be more paid attention to. The government is using our tax dollars to pay for abortions even in Europe. (without our permission)

  3. Great comments…it seems here in USA it is the Catholics that take the ball and run with this more than most evangelicals though many do but they take the lead. Your comments come at a key moment today!. Just a few hours ago I spoke with a neighbor and found out he is going to stand on a picket line against abortion at one of the Jacksonville, FL clinics. We both agree what a horrible sin against God it is but it is the Devil’s way of destroying a mother. Just as Eve sinned and did not understand that death takes a life time of toil. However she saw her husband depressed and working so hard to make bread. She had labor pains and had high hopes for Cain, calling him the some of acquisition. Also he murdered her second child and left town. She lost two sons in one day that started with her sin! So a mother has a greater chance of cancer and suicide and drug or alcohol addiction and the list goes on and on. Abortion kills a family, a community and a nation.

  4. Does not this abortion isssue stem back to B’reishit 1 when G-d commands the man to be fruitful and multiply? Abortion defies this commandment. “G-d blessed them: G-d said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply…” Also, since man rules and it is he who plants the seed, itn’t it his obligation to care for the woman and the child? Where are the men in this abortion issue? Where are the men who planted the seed and are to care for this woman and child? It so easy to interject Havah’s name into this issue, just as easy as it was for Adam to blame Havah for eating of the tree, but the fact is the man has as much blame, if not more, to carry. How much abortion would there be if the man who planted the seed would step up to obey the mitzvah of “Be fruitful, multiply” and care for, protect, and be responcible for the blessing of a wife and child? Surely, the woman has a part, but most often the choice to have the child is a difficult and long road, although filled with the blessings of G-d.

  5. I agree. As I have grown and continue to grow in the knowledge of Torah, I realize that life is very important to HaShem. I consider myself to be Torah observant and a Christian, not so doctrinally as a Christian but as a believer in Yahushua. The ability to turn a “blind” eye to shedding innocent blood in these cases has become too easy for believers in Yahushua. I believe this is a direct result of the incorrect belief that the Torah of HaShem has been done away with and is no longer valid for believers in Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and his grace. Now is the time as has always been to take very seriously and fearfully the teachings (Torah) of HaShem and live as he has called us to live.

  6. Moran,

    David and others who were given kingship by G’d over israel to governent the state of Israel and His people, did so WITH the Torah / Tanach ad hand…..

    And don’t let raping devils be able to let there ofspring be born to atack Israel, I know for a fact that that is what they are up to! The devil knows G’d wants you to honnor life and wil take advantage of that.
    In all other casses I agree with you, the children should be aborted!

    But I make an acception for rapevictims. To often rape is used in warfare and to undermine woman, supress them, hurt and psycologicly kill them. They should not have to remember that crime inflickted upon them for an entire lifetime. And it sure won’t do the child ay good too. If you can’t get over aborting devils ofspring, find it another home, but don’t put that burdon upon woman, they have suffered enough. So a woman being raped should be aloud to have a morningafterpill to prevent pregnantcy from it.

    Be very aware and YES HaShem will take care of His people and revenge on those who have tryed to fool His choosen ones and Him with it. You can trust Him, Hashem, to keep His Word.

    My He grant you the wisdom to understand His Teachings and may He be gracious on to you and your lovedones.

    Be well,

  7. I must reply to Gabriela. I first want to express my deep love and concerned for those who have been victims of such violence as rape. I understand sexual assault firsthand and know many sisters who have endured this painful act personally. My heart grieves with and for them.
    I would like to address your comment stating that “they should not have to remember that crime inflicked upon them for an entire lifetime.” It has been my experience that whether a women has chosen to abort her baby or not, they never forget the rape. A baby/child may indeed remind you of your rape but so does a movie or image, a song, a book ect. Taking a childs life heals nothing but just creates more trauma. It also does not allow our God to use what was ment for evil to bring about his good. A child can heal. A child can teach you how to love and to forgive. Something I have learned from my own children. They can be used to replace what the locusts took away. I wish more women would forgo the abortion and embark on the difficult road of raising a child, because I think they would find that the outcome would be worth the journey. It seems to me to justify one sin for another is spinning the scriptures and I would caution against that. This is truely a sensitive issue and must be spoken of carefully, but one that must be talked about.

  8. Abortion can and should be compared to the Holocaust, purposeful killing of people. Go to to watch Ray Comfort’s movie 180.

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