Next Round of Fighting with Hamas Inevitable

Senior Israeli military officials commented that Israel’s next confrontation with Hamas is inevitable, but will likely be it’s last.  Israel cannot continue to maintain this war of attrition, and with the reality of tunnels being built from Gaza into Israel in order to kidnap, attack, and kill Israeli citizens, Israel must take decisive actions.  Israel is also actively planning to construct a concrete wall on its border with Gaza that will go deep underground in order to prevent such tunnels from reaching Israel.  Please pray for Israel, for wisdom for its leaders during this tough time, especially as the world continues to pressure Israel to make painful concessions for peace that threaten the security of its citizens.  Please also pray for godly leaders to rise up within Israel, who will not buckle under pressure, but seek to honor the LORD first.  Lastly, please pray for Israel’s protection from hostile enemies who seek its destruction.

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