May 31, 2013

S-300 Missiles Already in Syria:  The situation in Syria is worsening daily, especially as it has been discovered that Russia has already begun shipment of the very deadly S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to the Assad regime.  These could potentially be used to shoot down civilian aircraft, which would be especially dangerous for Israel.  Assad has vowed to hit Israel hard if Israel attacks any more weapons transports to and from Hizbullah.  Please intercede for Israel in this very difficult situation with Syria.  Of all Israel’s enemies, Syria is the most heavily armed, and since we share a border, the results could be even more disastrous.  Syria also has strong support from Russia, which is making matters worse.  For more, see S-300

Canadian Church Boycotts Israel:  The United Church of Canada announced it is boycotting three Israeli companies that operate in the disputed Judea & Samaria region of Israel.  They claim that these companies are roadblocks to peace in the Middle East, and are contributing to the poverty of Arab peoples in Israel.  Please pray that as we begin to see more and more boycotts against Israel, especially within the Christian community, that God will open the eyes of believers in Yeshua to His plan of salvation for the world through Israel.  Israel is not only a spiritual concept, as many Christians claim, and use to support their boycotts.  Please also pray that God will be merciful in His judgment upon those who divide His Land (Joel 3).  For more, see Canadian Boycott

Please continue to pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel as Israel is facing uncertain times; please pray we will be a great source of blessing to all Israel and that through our witness, many in Israel will come to know their Messiah.  Please pray for strength, courage, gentleness, and boldness in our witness to our neighbors who do not yet know Yeshua.

Thank you for praying! Shabbat shalom…

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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