May 27, 2013

Rocket Fired from Lebanon into Israel:  A rocket was fired from a Lebanese border town into northern Israel late Sunday night.  While there was no damage reported, it is a troubling sign that Hezbullah may be inciting Israel to respond, thus giving it reason to attack Israel with stronger weapons.  Israel has not yet responded to the incident, as it is looking into the matter.  Please continue to intercede for Israel during these troubling times.  The situation is always fragile, and can erupt at any time!  Please also pray for God’s perfect wisdom for Israel’s government and military leaders.  For more, see Rocket Fired into N.Israel

Rock Throwing Attacks Reach Jerusalem:  A man awoke Sunday morning to find a rock had been thrown through his Jerusalem home window.  Police deemed it a terrorist attack, similar to the kinds that Jewish settlers suffer in the Judea & Samaria region on their cars.  The fact that this kind of attack has reached a Jerusalem neighborhood is definitely troubling.  Please pray for God’s hand of mercy and protection from the latest round of attacks against Jewish Israelis.  Please also pray that the resurrection of the “peace” process by John Kerry will not result in bloody terrorism, as has happened before in the past.  For more, see Jerusalem Home Attacked

Please continue to pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel as Israel is facing uncertain times; please pray we will be a great source of blessing to all Israel and that through our witness, many in Israel will come to know their Messiah.  Please pray for strength, courage, gentleness, and boldness in our witness to our neighbors who do not yet know Yeshua. 

Thank you for praying and standing with Israel! Have a blessed week…

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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