Whom Can We Trust?

Parashat Mattot (Tribes) & Masei (Journeys)
Bamidbar (Numbers) 30:2–32:42 & 33:1–36:13

We live in a world of much uncertainty: the unstable political climate, the Covid-19 pandemic, economic recession in the global economy, etc. I hear people make statements that we don’t know who to trust anymore, and we do not know what or whom to believe, which brings me to the obvious conclusion that the only One we can trust nowadays is God and the truth of His Word.

A year ago when writing on this parasha, I wrote a blog entitled, Be a Person of Your Word. Considering the reality in which we live today, I wanted to expand on the importance of being a person of our word, or in other words, the importance being a person of integrity, who does not need to make big, loud statements or promises that s/he cannot uphold or fulfill.