March 14, 2013

Coalition Deal Reached For the Next Government: A coalition deal has finally been reached for the formation of the next government after weeks of haggling and negotiating. Many are happy that the Ultra-Orthodox parties will not be a part of the new government due to their ill treatment of the Body of Messiah and of minorities. However, it is yet to be seen if the new government will be an improvement or not. Furthermore, Israel will be facing unprecedented challenges, both economically and in security issues. Please pray that the new government will be able to work together and that God would give them wisdom to lead the country. Please also pray for favor for the Body of Messiah, that they may increasingly be a light to Israeli society. Lastly, please pray for the people of Israel to ultimately look to God for their security rather than putting their trust in the government. For more, see Coalition Deal Reached

US President Obama to Visit Next Week: US President Barack Obama will be visiting Israel next week and Israeli security forces are preparing for all scenarios. Thousands of police will be ready to protect and respond. There are many demonstrations that will be held during Obama’s visit and it is yet to be seen what will be discussed during the meetings. Most likely, there will be pressure to cease settlement construction and pursue a two state solution. Please pray for protection over both Israeli and US officials and civilians during Obama’s visit and that demonstrations would not become violent. Please also pray that God would give wisdom to the leaders involved and open their eyes to see the situation here as it really is. Lastly, please pray that Israel would do what is right and would eventually turn to their Messiah and rule righteously rather than cater to the whims of the world. For more, see Obama Visit

Please continue to pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel as Israel is facing uncertain times; please pray we will be a great source of blessing to all Israel and that through our witness, many in Israel will come to know their Messiah.  Please pray for strength, courage, gentleness, and boldness in our witness to our neighbors who do not yet know Yeshua.

Thank you for praying and standing with Israel! Shabbat Shalom…

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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