“He leads me in circles of righteousness.” Psalm 23:3b

The Hebrew word for “He leads” is “יַֽנְחֵ֥נִי. “Ynicheni” means to lead, direct, guide, instruct, officiate and moderate.  Another word that you can find within “ynicheni” is the word נְחֵ֥, which means, “to rest”.

As followers of the Messiah, we are to rest in the assurance that, as He leads us, He will also direct us to the right place.  Not only will He guide us in the right direction, but He will also instruct us in the way in which we should go; He officiates and moderates our path!

The question then follows, “How will I know to recognize His voice? How can I know to follow His lead?”

The first thing that one needs to do is simply spend time with Him.  In order to know the Lord, we are to spend time with Him.  Additionally, in order to know that which He cares about, to know and understand the direction that He would like us to go, we must spend time in His Word:

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Without reading His Word, one will have a very difficult time discerning whether he is going in the right direction or not.  Too often, we rely on our emotions and our feelings instead on the truth of God’s Word. This is why our daily time with Him – in the Word and in prayer – is so important!

The reality is that there are many “voices” crying out for our attention.  Which “voice” belongs to Him? How can we know what is true?  The fact of the matter is that God will not contradict Himself and He will not lead us astray. Any “voice” that tells us something that contradicts what is written in Scripture cannot be the voice of God.

The Lord wants to guide you in continuous “circles” of righteousness; He does not want you to fall off the path that He has intended for you. Are you willing to do your part – to be obedient – as you follow His lead?

If your answer is yes, then the path to follow Him must first start in returning to Him, then getting rid of anything that does not glorify Him, and finally, adding into our daily lives only that which is honoring to Him.

The Lord wants to lead you in circles of righteousness… are you willing to follow Him?


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  1. I found your teachings on Psalm 23 as The Lord has been pouring this psalm out to me over the last two days. I cannot thank you enough for breaking down the original language for me.

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