To Know Our Place

“ A Psalm of ascents to David” Psalm 122:1a

Psalm 122 is one of 15 psalms (Psalms 120 -134) that begin with the same words, “A Psalm of ascents”.  Let’s examine what this means and what they reveal to us in their deeper meaning.

First, there is the literal meaning of ascending or going up.  I personally believe that David may have written Psalm 122 from his palace in the City of David. When one stands in this place today, and looks in the direction of where the Temple used to be, one must look up. So it would make sense that David is writing from the perspective of looking up toward the Temple as he composed his Psalms.  However,  during the past days as I was reflecting on the words, “A Psalm of ascents …” or as it says in Hebrew “הַֽמַּעֲל֗וֹת שִׁ֥יר”  (Shir HaMahalot), I felt that there is a much deeper meaning than merely a literal “looking up” toward the Temple.

While it would make sense that David physically looked up to the Temple, I believe that he was also referring to the spiritual, acknowledging some key aspects of the Creator.  The Hebrew once again gives us amazing insight into the profound meanings of Scripture.  In the next few blog entries, I am going to explore some of them as they connect to Psalm 122, but I want to focus this entry on the primary one.

The first point, which I believe is a very important one, is the importance of knowing our place in relation to God. The LORD is our God, our King, and the Creator of the Universe.  When one greets a king, the appropriate words ought to be “His Excellency” or “Your Majesty”. In Hebrew, we say the words, “Hod Mahalato”, which actually shares the same root word of “HaMahalot”, the word that this Psalm begins with.

Please hear my heart when I say that, sadly, many followers of Messiah nowadays have lost sight of this. In general, we have lowered His place from Almighty King to our Cosmic Friend. We treat our relationship with God as a romantic relationship in which we are equal partners, or that He is our best buddy. These are images, which are easier for us to connect to because we live in a much more liberal society than in previous generations. These are things, or ideas, which may start with very good intentions and I am no one to judge one’s heart.  However, slowly, slowly we are allowing to world’s point of view to affect the way by which we filter our thoughts, bringing us to a dangerous place where we may position ourselves equal to God.

Let me be very clear; God is our King, our Creator, and Heavenly Father.  While there is a deep tenderness in our relationship with Him as He has made us sons and daughters, let us not fall into the trap that we equate ourselves with Him.

Allow me to encourage you to reflect upon, and ask God to reveal to you, those areas in your life where you may have dethroned Him or have stopped revering Him as your King.  Seek Him for forgiveness and put Him back where He belongs as King of your heart.

It is time for us all to return to the King, and live according to the ways in which He wants us to live in His Kingdom.

Shabbat Shalom,






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  1. we thank “YOU” for every thing you do for Israel and all the followers of the messiah yeshua-jesus.THANK YOU -THANK-YOU MORAN FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO FOR THIS DIEING WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

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