Jerusalem Hosts Pro-Judicial Reform Protest

In response to 17 weeks of protests against the Israeli government’s drafted judicial reform bills, Israel’s right wing decided to organize a protest of their own in response. The purpose of the protest is give a voice to the many Israelis who do indeed support judicial reform.

Tens of thousands are expected to arrive in Jerusalem for the event, scheduled for Thursday evening. Justice Minister Yariv Levin, one of the initial proponents of the reform, will speak at the event, and many other members of Knesset are expected to participate.

While the outspoken protests since January have been so far one-sided politically speaking, and thus in a democratic sense it is good to have some pushback, it is unclear whether this pro-reform protest will ignite further controversy or hasten a solution.

Please pray for safety for all involved in the protest. Please pray for unity and compromise from both sides of the political aisle.  Lastly, please pray for a peaceful Shabbat!

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