It’s a Fact!

It’s a Fact!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Gen 1:1

The first word of the Bible in Hebrew is “B’reishit” (pronounced beh-reh-sheet). In this single word, we discover the foundation of our existence. The Hebrew study of this word yields something very interesting.  Hebrew is built upon roots and every word stems from one or more roots.  The word “B’reishit” contains three different elements, which reveal something extraordinary about God and His relation to us.  The first part of the word is “B’re” or “Bara”, which translates to “created”. The element of the word is “rosh” which simply means “head”. And the third  is “Reishit” which means “the beginning”.

When I put all three of these elements together, the literal translation becomes, “Created the Head the beginning”, or more clearly “The Head created in the beginning”.  The creation of the world, and subsequently, of humanity is a basic, foundational principle of our faith.  It reveals not only our beginning, but also the very nature of the One who created; God is all-powerful and sovereign.

I want to suggest that believers must first agree upon this simply, yet important principle of Creation.  If we can’t agree upon the basic truth, which is that God is the Creator, we will not be able to agree upon the other facts of the Bible such as the Bible is God’s Word, The Messiah, God’s plan for the World, God’s plan for Israel, and all other foundational principles that all stem from the fact that God is the Creator.

We must also remember this simple truth.  We often forget that He is the sovereign Creator, or perhaps do not really understand the significance of it. We worry, get stressed, and take matters into our own hands instead of giving it to God. We try to take God’s place in different issues of life instead of giving it to Him.  The Creator of the universe cares for us and is more than capable of handling whatever troubles us!

“You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He.  Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me.”

Isa 43:10

This brings me to a final thought about the Creator.  God has called us to be His witnesses, but we cannot do that effectively if we cannot agree upon and remember that His creation of the world is foundational to our faith.

Let us all return to the basic truth of our faith. Let us agree upon the fact that God is the Creator and therefore we can accept His will without doubt.  Finally, let us remember that He has chosen us to be His witnesses.  A great privilege, indeed!

Shabbat Shalom,


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3 Comments on “It’s a Fact!”

  1. Yes ! Praise the L_rd, Amazing, wonderful explanation! This is to be repeated to all churches claiming they adhere to Biblical truths.

    Your blogs are spiritually enriching, I want to share them in my website, or else, the entire newsletter?

    Thank you Brother Moran, be blest from on high everyday.

  2. Dear Moran,

    Amen to that my friend!!!

    And His Word is Truth. Everything He has made man know through His Word is True and a repetition of His love for His people (more than just Israelites I can asure you); His people being everyone who acknowledges Him to be HaShem and that there is no other.

    And I have been His witness to many things in my own live as well as in many other peoples lives, for good and for bad (bad meaning Him not being there or even taking charge against). And all I want to do is proclaim His wonderfull love and forgiveness to those who seek Him and His power to either do wonders for good or by judging the bad. I wish I did not have to witness the side of Him that deals with evildoers, but unfortunately not everybody seeks His Truth and Wisdom.
    Our world today is an example for that fact, unfortunately…
    And the answeres to our problems are so easy to me, because He has given His guidens so perfectly, that it hurts me to witness all the trouble people have to bare in a world without His guidens.

    So it is important that people who know Him have the chance to proclaim, be witness, tell the truth about HaShem and His plan for the world to come. Because only by following in His way we will be able to free ourselves from the aprepressors, the evil in this world and also have a chance at Heaven as He wants us to.
    But we will have to speak up, proclaim, and help and protect His chosen few to do so too. It is what He wants and it is what this world needs. The Thruth, His Thruth, His return and His chosen ones to lead this world out of darkness.

    Many were sent by Him in the past to help us do so. Anyone who is blessed by Him will receive His Holy Spirit to help and guide them. But things, gone wronge in the past, have to be set straight also. Once that happens (repentence and acknowledgment) we will also see the coming of His Beloved, HaMesiach, whom He will bless to be Melech Ha-Aretz and Highpriest over many (nations).

    He has prommised us and He will keep His Word. He always has and He always will. For He has not chainged. The world just has to see the thruth, HaShem, the Word of HaShem, The guidens and prommis of salvation and the comming of HaMesiach. And He has provided a chosen few to help her do so. By unraveling His Word in past pressent and future to them.

    So we have work to do 🙂 but I know you love to do His work just as much as I do.

    Wish you Love, be well,

  3. Hallelu Jah ! This is at least my 3rd time to read this article, Brother Moran. It still jabs me, this is the precise point of the entire faith of mankind. It truly is that fundamental aspect that so-called believers have to be tested about. If we (the believers) bcan’t priorly agree about G_d’s Omnipotence, Omnifescence, we can never at all agree to be in accord with one another about Him.

    Thank you for this write-up.

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