Israel is headed for elections…

“… peace and quiet within your Palaces.” Psalm 122:7b

I started my last blog with saying that one of Jerusalem’s roles during the reign of Messiah will be to bring people together in unity. Nowadays, however, the reality is quite the opposite; Jerusalem is actually the central cause of division. When I say division, I mean not just between the Arab and the Jewish peoples, as most people think, but also between the various Jewish sects – religious and secular – and even within the various religious sects themselves.

When I wrote my blog last week, I had no idea what was to come this week. I had no idea that the division within our government was so deep, causing it to effectively collapse. I had no idea that after a short two-year term, the government would be dissolved, paving the way for new elections. What a state of chaos; after such a difficult summer, the people of Israel are once again tasked with choosing a new Prime Minister, and starting this process all over again.

As I wrote in my last blog, there is no peace within the Palaces of Jerusalem today, and I am asking you to join me in fasting and praying for wisdom that can only come from above, as I believe that the people of Israel are going to enter one of the ugliest election periods in our short history as a modern nation.

While I know that many of my readers are very supportive of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and I apologize if I offend any of you, in my opinion, Israel has not had a real leader these past two years. The current government is not there for the people; it is all a political game, which is run by corruption and cronyism. The far left side, which stands for “peace” and human rights is very much anti-God in its roots, and takes liberal stances on many different issues, including a willingness to divide the Land that God gave to Israel.

On the other hand, while the more conservative right parties care about issues such as maintaining Israel as a Jewish nation state, and not dividing the Land, they have a dismal record of accepting those who are different, and caring for the foreigners in the Land (which God commanded the Israelites to do from the beginning…). They also have a tendency to take the law into their own hands, vigilante style, by attacking those who are different, and stoop to the same level of those trying to harm Israel.

And then there are those in the middle who try to please everyone and compromise left and right, trying to do the impossible thing by winning it all…

In short, this is a very complicated realty, and we, God’s followers, need to stand strongly in the gap and pray for His wisdom.

Would you join me in prayer for Israel in these times?

Shabbat Shalom



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One Comment on “Israel is headed for elections…”

  1. On this side of the world, hearing truthful and meaningful information about what’s happening in and around Israel from any main stream source, conventional or cable is so pressurized with politics that trying to point out even a single idea causes the induced pressure to be expelled out without reason,consideration or remorse … kinda like when a water balloon has just too much water! But politics is not merely a water balloon nor is Israel just like any country. And yet, Israel’s leadership seems to have taken on much of the same polarization that has effectively crippled this country. It is not surprising at first glance that situation is happening, but it comes to this reader as a reminder that God is at work in all the affairs of man because it’s His Word that’s at stake! The right thing is to stand with the Truth and that truth is known by those who know Him personally! So thank you for the reminder to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and yes I will pray with you for Israel’s leadership and for them to also pray for and receive Godly wisdom with which to lead Israel.

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