Israel: A Cause for Division…

A few years ago, as I was about to leave for a speaking tour to the USA, I felt the Lord was impressing upon me to share a word of warning to the Church. The word was that a deep division was coming into the Church, and it would be over the issue of Israel.

Today, one can see the fulfillment of this warning. Today, there is a great division in the Church over the issue of Israel; a deep rift is forming slowly but surely. Some are taking the side of Israel while some take the side of the Palestinians.

Those who take the side of Israel at times will go to the extreme of almost idolizing Israel, where Israel can do no wrong, and praising every move that Israel makes without considering the fact that Israel is not a country run by God-fearing people, nor is it a country that looks to God for direction. On the other side, there are those in the Church who go to the other extreme and blame Israel for every bad thing happening in the world today. Many of these people are calling to boycott Israel in all areas including cutting relations with Israeli companies, ceasing to buy Israeli products, not collaborating with Israeli universities, etc.

During the past few weeks, I have devoted my blog entries to exploring some very important yet basic issues connected to our faith, and as people who claim to believe in the God of the Bible.

As I said in past blog entries, as followers of the Messiah, we have to first accept the authority of God in this world, the authority of His Word, and His Authority over our lives. I am well aware that not everyone will agree with all that I write; while we are all entitled to hold our opinions, I want to exhort us all (myself included) to approach God’s word with clean hearts – free from our own agendas – and see the pureness of God’s Word. Read it, study it, try to put your feelings and biases aside, or even what you have learned for so many years in your Seminary or denomination, and see what the Word really says. It is our own personal responsibility to study the Word and submit to it, for on Judgment Day, we will each give an account for ourselves.

As we begin a new series of writings on the subject of Israel, we need to be ready that, just like any other issue in our lives, we may need to repent before the Lord, or die to ourselves in order to accept His will. We may even go through the fire, or need to allow the painful yet cleansing burning of the salt on unhealed wounds.

This weekend I am asking each of you to ask God to prepare your hearts for the next blog series about Israel. I am also asking you to invite others to join our study from the Word of God about Israel.

Shabbat Shalom,




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3 Comments on “Israel: A Cause for Division…”

  1. Yo Moran,
    Praise and glory to God for He is in control. We are seeing a change in the world order. We who are believers are to pray earnestly for God to open our hearts and minds to His will. This is a time for faith and patience.

  2. Thank you for dedicating so much resources to teach from the word of God. I agree the preparation to this topic (Israel) but I want to add few words. I’m going hold back one thing. Saved and followers of Jesus Christ are only should be addressed as Christians. It’s a mistake to call everyone in this world Christians just because their denomination say so. Saved and redeemed will not see Israel as an idol and it’s a mistake to address this issue so. Second, those who reject Israel right now it is fulfillment of Gods word. Most of rebellion and rejection of Israel come from failure to believe God. We need to honest and open not hide these things and failed to preach repentance to unsaved people. Israel is suffering because of rebellion against God and we know some will be saved before end time (Revelation 6). We need to remember even in wilderness (Egypt and many places) God kept Israel while they reject. People need to hear. Even in lostness and rejection and rebellion and confused, God still kept them.

  3. Your exhortation is excellent, Moran. Taking inventory of our hearts with the Lord, agreeing with Him on all points, and sincere repentance are foundational to our set-apart lives in Messiah Yeshua.

    Psalm 19:8-14 (Complete Jewish Bible)

    8 (7) The Torah of Adonai is perfect,
    restoring the inner person.
    The instruction of Adonai is sure,
    making wise the thoughtless.
    9 (8) The precepts of Adonai are right,
    rejoicing the heart.
    The mitzvah of Adonai is pure,
    enlightening the eyes.
    10 (9) The fear of Adonai is clean,
    enduring forever.
    The rulings of Adonai are true,
    they are righteous altogether,
    11 (10) more desirable than gold,
    than much fine gold,
    also sweeter than honey
    or drippings from the honeycomb.
    12 (11) Through them your servant is warned;
    in obeying them there is great reward.
    13 (12) Who can discern unintentional sins?
    Cleanse me from hidden faults.
    14 (13) Also keep your servant from presumptuous sins,
    so that they won’t control me.
    Then I will be blameless
    and free of great offense.

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