Humility Before the L-RD

ADONAI relates intimately with those who fear Him, with those who are called by His covenants.

Do you want to relate intimately with the L-RD?  Then you must learn to fear Him.  And the fear of the L-RD is born out of a humble heart.

“ADONAI is good, and he is fair; that is why he teaches sinners the way to live, leads the humble to do what is right and teaches the humble to live his way.  ALL ADONAI’S PATHS are grace and truth to those who keep his covenant and instructions.”  Psalms 25:8-10

So how can we humble ourselves? 

Confess your sins to G-D and do t’shuvah (repent); completely change your direction so you do not continue in sin. 

Make “wrong things right.”  Confess your sins against your brother.  Go to him and humble yourself before him.

Submit your finances to the L-RD, recognizing that all you are and all you have are HIS.

Submit your plans to the L-RD. 

Humble yourself with prayer and fasting.

Fasting?  Yes…. Prayer & Fasting.  Recently, a brother and I have been fasting and seeking the L-RD on several issues.  I can honestly say that the experience has been very very humbling (especially for a guy who really likes food)!

But Avinu (our Father), who sees what is done in secret, is pleased  NOT because of our sacrifice, but because of our earnest desire to seek His face and our passion to hear from G-D “no matter what it takes.”

“Obedience is better than sacrifice.” 1 Sh’mu’el (Samuel) 15:22 …And for us to walk in obedience to the L-RD, we must submit our appetites, our lives and our plans to His.

What G-D most greatly desires of us is to seek His face with a humble heart. 


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