Holiness: Honoring Him

Holiness: Honoring Him

In my last blog entry, I wrote about the importance of understanding that once we said “yes” to Him, we said “no” to ourselves, and that we are to live our lives in such a way that will bring honor to Him.

“And they were calling to one another:  ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.’” Isaiah 6:3

Often, as I read my English Bible, I come across words that have not been translated as accurately as possible. One of these words is found in the above scripture; the Hebrew word “kevodoh” has been translated into the word “glory”, which is, in my opinion, a mistranslation.  A more accurate translation of this verse would be, “…the whole earth is filled with his honor” (emphasis mine).

Think for a moment of one person in your life whom you honor and respect. How do you treat that person? Do you listen very carefully to what they have to say? Do you respect their advice, and follow the direction that they give you? Now ask yourself, “In what ways do I give honor to God, the Almighty? Do I pay close attention to what He tells me? Do I follow His advice (i.e. His Word)? Do I follow the direction that He gives me?”

At one of my recent speaking engagements, I asked the Pastor to give me a name of a speaker that he greatly respects. I then asked the people if they liked that speaker and they agreed very enthusiastically. I told them that, hypothetically, this speaker would be coming to their congregation in a few weeks, and when asked if they were going to share this with their family and friends, they all said “yes”. They all agreed that everyone should come to hear that speaker, and that they would do whatever they could to fill the seats for that occasion. It was clear that the people greatly revered this well-known speaker.  But then I asked them how they felt about God … were they as excited about God?… are you excited about Him in your life?

The point that I am trying to make is that, while in the book of Isaiah, it clearly says that all the earth is filled with His Honor (respect), I believe that we His followers – both Jew and Gentile alike- are to display his honor through our actions, to give Him respect, and to show people who do not yet know Him, the way to honor Him.

How do you show honor and respect to God? Do you revere Him? Does your life reflect your honor and do others see this in you?

Today is a renewed opportunity to bring Him honor and praise so that all may see His glory!

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