He Is Our Defense

Just last week on Saturday, October 6th, a news report came out that the IDF shot down a foreign drone that entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon.  The problem is not only that this drone entered Israel’s secure airspace virtually undetected, but that Israel didn’t manage to catch it until it was in the Negev, way down south from the Lebanese border. Many here in Israel are trying to understand how this happened, and needless to say, many Israelis are very concerned.

Obviously, the greatest concern is that this is a big glitch in Israeli security.  Why is this of such concern?  The sad fact is that Israel has faced the threat of annihilation since its rebirth on May 14th, 1948, the day after which, Israel was attacked by its Arab neighbors.  Since that day, we have seen one attempt after another to destroy Israel; her enemies are obsessed with her ultimate destruction. This drone incident has two of Israel’s most virulent enemies, the Hezbollah terror organization and Iran, celebrating a “victory” in being able to “break into” the Israeli security zone.  It’s not the first time that Israel’s enemies have declared victory: the 2006 war in the North, the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, and now this event. While none of these events are actually a victory for Israel’s enemies, they do show that for us here in Israel, we can’t and should not rely on our military power only.

Israel has one and only Defender: the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob.  The fact that Israel exists today, against all odds, is one of the strongest proofs of God’s existence today.  If one studies Israel’s past wars, one will see that against all odds, Israel has been victorious, in spite of being smaller, and at times, possessing fewer weapons than her enemies.   While many credit the victories to the strength of the IDF, or to Israel’s allies, I personally credit these victories to God and to His plan alone.

“Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121:4

God is the one who watches over Israel.  This is not just an empty, feel-good cliché, either.  It is our ultimate source of comfort, especially as times will steadily grow worse.  We may see more events like the drone incident, but I believe that if we do see them, it is because God allows them to happen. He will allow them to happen for one reason alone, and that is His desire for His children, the children of Israel to return to Him and to rely on Him alone.

Let us take the time this weekend to really pray that the people of Israel will return to God, and acknowledge that He is our only sure defense. Let us also pray for Israel’s enemies to see that they are fighting the One and only True God, and that there is no way by which they can defeat Him. Let’s pray for a heart of repentance for them as well.

Shabbat Shalom.



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7 Comments on “He Is Our Defense”

  1. Dear Moran.yes I am praying.my faith must increase in these days.I pray that the reason the drone slipped through would be revealed.

  2. Good to see your post. I am still thinking of my March trip to Israel, God’s arrangement. My mother became a believer, at 92, this past Wednesday. She’s been studying the bible with a small group for three years but still was not convinced. The Holy Spirit did His marvelous work of grace and in the hospital, after nearly dying,she had that second chance and took it. Most of my family are not believers. Two years ago my 98 year old mother in law was also converted. Don’t let people despise your youth the Word says but I say don’t let them despise your age either!! Remember to pray for older loved ones. He IS, our defense ….against doubts,impossibilities, fears,the enemies of God, and that last enemy..death. Be of good cheer, jackie k

  3. Moran, I saw you on Jewish Voice. I do so wish the ministry I am following, the Kim Clement Ministry, would find out about you. Giving to your mnistry would make so much more sense. He gives to help Israel but never includes the Gospel. I actually think he believes Jews are fine as they are and don’t need to be born again in Yeshua.

  4. Good to see your post as well, I just watched you on Jewish Voice tonight. What a testimony! God bless you in your work there in Israel. My prayers are with you and the people of Israel, as well as Jewish people here in the USA and around the world. Love, Bruce Caleb.

  5. my name is pdk or pdkellman,im a born again christian,follower of the lord and GOD,IM A JEWISH PUERTO RICAN, even thou my father and mother did not practice and with our culture in the island the way its being,me and my brothers have a inescapable Jewish resemblance undeniable to the human eye,to tell you an anecdote: my brother is a doctor and during a 1980s he attended a friend Hasidim Jewish wedding in Brooklyn new york,and everyone thought he was jewish,they kept offering talk in Hasidim language and he spoke bad English and soso Spanish so imagine,anyways,im completely in love with the lord now because i have seeing his miracles in my and my children and family GOD bless you and do not give up,i live in Canarsie Brooklyn new york,very close to my ancestors people new york communities.

  6. Yes, certainly, G_d is doing the fight in battles of His people. Our L_rd’s mercies and faithfulness gives us the victory.

    Let’s all pray for those precious soldiers who pray for their lives and love to protect their people.

    To the L_rd G_d is the praise and honor, amen.

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