Day 149 – IDF Tactics in Gaza Change and Hostage Deal Progress

Sunday morning, Israel confirmed Palestinian reports that as part of the new offensive strategy, an operation had begun in the Hemed area, a neighborhood adjacent to Khan Yunis where Hamas operatives are still in control. The IDF operation began with heavy airstrikes and now will work to isolate and eliminate Hamas cells in the area, while protecting the civilian population.

Tragically, three soldiers were killed and fourteen injured when they entered a booby-trapped building in Khan Yunis. A fourth soldier also sadly fell yesterday (Saturday) in combat in southern Gaza. May their memories be a blessing and their families find comfort amidst the tragedy.

According to officials, Israel has essentially approved the framework for a six-week deal with Hamas during which fighting would cease in Gaza, humanitarian aid would enter the Strip, and most importantly, vulnerable hostages – the sick, wounded, elderly and women – would be released. Israel is waiting for Hamas’ response and has also said that it will not send a delegation to Cairo to finalize the deal until it receives from Hamas the names of live hostages to be released.

Meanwhile, another senior Iranian military official was killed over the weekend in an airstrike in Syria which is being attributed to Israel.

A middle-aged ultra-Orthodox Jewish man was hospitalized with serious stab wounds after being attacked in Zurich, Switzerland. The attacker was a Muslim teenager who reportedly screamed, “Death to the Jews” during the attack.

Please pray for protection over soldiers fighting in Gaza and on Israel’s other fronts! Please pray for the immediate release of the hostages! Lastly, please pray for growing awareness and action to counteract anti-Semitism internationally.

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