Day 136 – Second Hague Lawsuit Against Israel

Today, a discussion was opened at the International Criminal Court on the legality of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, the area which is widely recognized as the territorial basis for a future Palestinian State. Palestinian representatives at the Hague accused Israel both of “apartheid” in Judea and Samaria and of “genocide” in Gaza.

Palestinian officials also said that they were looking for a peaceful two-state solution, a slogan which has been cheapened since the Oslo Accords, as Palestinian leaders turned down peace offer after peace offer. Israel chose not to send a representative to the Hague in order not to give weight to the slander campaign against it.

In a video from early in the war, Shiri Bibas and her two toddler sons, ages one and four, are seen alive in captivity. Hamas earlier claimed that the mother and little boys were murdered in captivity. The details of the video have not yet been released.

The Israeli PM has decided to limit the pilgrimage of Arab Israelis to the Temple Mount, a decision which many in the security world say has the potential to spark violence rather than preventing it. One official even said that the decision to limit Ramadan pilgrimages could unite the Arab world against Israel.

Tragically, Staff Sergeant Simon Shlomov z”l, a paratrooper and lone soldier from Kiryat Bialik (near Haifa) fell in combat overnight in the southern Gaza Strip.

Please pray for comfort for the families of Israel’s fallen and the hostages remaining in Gaza. Please pray for favor for Israel at the Hague and for true justice. Lastly, please pray against Temple Mount violence during Ramadan.

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