Chairs for Judgment: Hamas & Other Enemies of Israel … – Psalm 122:5 (Part 5)

“Because there sit the chairs for judgment; the chairs for the house of David.” Psalm 122-5

In my last blog entry, I wrote about God’s judgment on the government of Israel, and I am going to devote this entry to the issue of God’s judgment on the enemies of Israel, namely Hamas.

During the past few weeks, since the final “cease fire” came to effect, I started to receive multiple emails from someone who called me a “dirty Zionist” and warned me to “escape the land”. Included in these emails were pictures of wounded people and a dead child in Gaza. These emails were sent by people who have devoted their lives to anger, hatred, and violence, and in reality, they are messengers of the evil one.

Before I continue, I must say that my heart truly grieves for the destruction that took place in Gaza, and for the death and injuries of innocent women, children, and elderly people. I continue to pray (as I prayed throughout the conflict) for God’s protection over them. Saying that, one must look at some facts before blaming Israel for this suffering, which took place during the most recent war between Gaza and Israel.

Hamas and its allies, including all those who support this evil organization, will one day give an account to Almighty God for all the evil they have done. They will answer for kidnapping and murdering three Israeli youth, which was the catalyst of the recent conflict. They will also answer for the 15,200 rockets and missiles they have shot into Israel during the past 14 years.

And what about the crimes that Hamas commits against the Palestinian people? After the 2005 disengagement, which I wrote about in my last blog, Hamas tortured and murdered Palestinians who were members of the PLO. Furthermore, instead of building hospitals, schools, hotels, etc., Hamas used the concrete sent to them in order to build underground tunnels to be used for terror against Israel. Each tunnel is estimated to cost $3 million to build! How much could the people of Gaza have benefitted from this money?

In addition to all this, Hamas broke the humanitarian cease-fires, which were implemented to provide food and medical aid for the Palestinian people in Gaza. They also ruined their electric supply by shooting rockets at the main power station, which provides electricity to the Gaza Strip. Hamas shot rockets from UNRWA schools and hospitals, and by doing so, using the Palestinian people as human shields, while shooting rockets towards a field hospital that Israel set up to treat injured Palestinians!

I can go on and on with details of all of the other things Hamas has been doing against their own people in the Gaza strip. I believe that, one day, the members of Hamas and other violent jihadist groups within Gaza will face the terrifying judgment of the one and only true God (Elohim); they will realize the false god that they believed in and the false promises that they were promised. As Hebrews 10:31 states, “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

So what can we do? We can pray! Pray for:

  • Pray for the Salvation of the Palestinian people.
  • Pray for the salvation of all of Israel’s enemies.
  • Pray that God will remove the veil from their eyes and that they will stand for the truth.
  • Pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness over them.
  • Pray that the Palestinian people will fear the God of Israel more than they fear men and will stand against the lies of their leaders.

I encourage you to continue to follow Him in the difficult days that lay ahead; be strong and courageous (Deuteronomy 31:6a)

Shabbat Shalom,



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One Comment on “Chairs for Judgment: Hamas & Other Enemies of Israel … – Psalm 122:5 (Part 5)”

  1. Dear Moran,

    Hateful threats and names are nothing to fear when we call Elohim our God. Yes, the enemies of Israel will stand before Elohim and be judged as no human can imagine, not only for their hatred towards Israel but for the murder, torture and flagrant disrespect for the lives of their own countrymen.

    We do right in praying for all those affected by this plague on humanity but we also know that all these things have to pass (all according to Elohim’s perfect plan), before Yeshua returns; when Elohim promised to make the nations his footstool. Then, the plague of Hamas will be no more and Israel and the nations will truly understand and experience the blessed and holy Shalom that only Yeshua can give.

    Until then, dear Moran and your family, be strong, the Lord God Almighty is at your side and shall not forsake you.

    May Elohim bless your leadership, your caring for those most in need during these times of great trial and be your strength and comfort every moment of every day.

    Shalom in Yeshua,


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